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Baiqaushodai (/baɪkwaʊʃoʊdaɪ/)

Baiqaushodai, or dragon's nest, is the headquarters of the Shiŗoshodai, the inner circle of Shabai'aith Ptish.

Purpose / Function

Originally, the bunker that forms Baiqaushodai was a military bunker, designed to resist a nuclear strike. It is currently used as the headquarters of Shabai'aith Ptish., with access restricted to higher ranked members.


Utilitarian, subterranean, military bunker built in during a technological age that had access to steel and concrete construction techniques. Some areas of the original construction have collapsed or been opened up in the past, providing access to natural and manufactured cave structures.


Baiqaushodai started as a military bunker during the Second Age. It was originally built underground with a minimal ground level. It was buried under ruble from the nearby mountains at the end of the Second Age. In remained buried and undiscovered throughout the Third Age.   As the culture of Kaushan was starting to take shape and these peoples were still nomadic, one of the tribes discovered the site. It had been raised closer to the surface after a series of earthquakes. The tribe moved into the site and settled. They were the first tribe to settle down. The kept the bulk of the bunker a secret.   When a town, then city, was built on the land around the site, the bunker remained a hidden, secret place, even though the tribal prince had his castle built upon it. It was kept so secret, in fact, that few even know of its existence to this day. The city that built up around it is now called Daitī and is the capital of Principality of Ptau.   The tribe is the ancestral tribe of Tinaul qī Narat.

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