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Aubish naqī Vibdī

Aubish naqī Vibdī /ˈaʊbɪʃ.ˈnɒkwiː.ˈvɪbdiː/ was the co-founder of Shiŗoshodai.   Aubish was introduced to the idea of honoring Kai Dīnanil as a god worthy of worship by his longtime friend Sholtaish naqī Niok. Sholtaish showed Aubish the ruins under what became Baiqaushodai in 1849 CT. Less than a year later they discovered the Vorashodai.   In 1854 CT, after several years of finding artifacts related to the rituals laid out of the book, and enough translation to get things started, Aubish and Sholtaish formed Shiŗoshodai, with Sholtaish as the head priest and Aubish recruiting. After two years of this arrangement and little growth, Aubish took over as head priest, forcing Sholtaish out of the position. This lasted until 1902 CT, when Sholtaish died and his adopted daughter, Tinaul qī Narat, forced Aubish out and then had him assassinated.
16475 16557 82 years old
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated to end his reign as chief priest of Shiŗoshodai .

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Character Portrait image: by Michael D Johnson


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