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Monicas Wall

Monicas Wall is an mercenary guild which quickly developed to an indepentend law enforcement. The members are high decorated soldiers and knights who serves under the Shield Mother. Moreover, the order is so powerful that they can decide by themself which punishment is more suitable.
Their executors are maybe the most feared members since they never show mercy and not even a queen nor a king has the audicity to doubt their decision.



Shield Mother

This is the highest and most powerful rank in the order. The Shield Mother decides about the fate of new members, judges about prisoners or traitors and manages new contracts.

High Warden

Deputy of the Shield Mother and serves as a consultant. Furthermore, they mange the finances and assign the new contracts to suitable order members.


Deputies of the High Warden and combinedwith the Shield Mother and the High Warden they form the Moon Court which is the highest instance inside of Monicas Wall. They command the misstresses and masters and execute the orders of the High Warden.


They are veterans as well as members of the Moon Court. One of their tasks is it to judge about prisoners or traitors. Misstresses/Masters also command the units in field.


These are the most dangerous members of Monicas Wall since they have literally the permission to execute anyone if they have a conclusive reason. Usually every unit has one up to two executors. moreover they serve as law enforcement. Executors are only appointed by the Shield Mother themself.


Adepts are the veterans which already have served for five or atleast three years. Usually they execute the orders of the Moon Court or escort third party groups.


They are the recruits and assist the adepts by their work. If they completed a one year long basic training acolyths get assigned to the field units so they can gather experiences. Sometimes they just carry the goods or do errands.


Seekers are possible candidates who can be nominated for the training. They have to accomplish different tasks in order to get included.

For Monica we serve

Founding Date
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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