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Magic Academy at Winterborn


  The Magic Academy at Winterborn was the first magic academy that taught students how to harness their magic in a school room setting rather than an apprenticeship. They streamlined the use of magic so that everyone could use it on a day to day basis, even if only powering their day to day life. If you have magic and you want to be able to learn magic, you must learn from the Magic Academy at Winterborn. If you don't have magic and want to work magic, you must buy Adana Sihiri Crystals from the Magic Academy at Winterborn.

Public Agenda

  • To educate all magical beings in magic
  • To help everyone make a little magic
  • To spread the knowledge of magic


The Magic Academy at Winterborn was started by Kyle Winters, Sten Talis, Deneth Goodfellow, Bab Presman, and Hallie Tinsmen. They had all struggled through their apprenticeships to learn a variety of ways to work magic, but none of them were satisfied with what they knew.   In 1798, after the Magical Wildfire of 1797, there was a gathering of mages to find out what could have been done to stop the Magical Wildfire. There had been other mages there that day, but none of them had known how to stop the wildfire and they had all lost their lives trying to stop it.   Most of the mages at the conference were arguing about how magic was supposed to be kept a secret and only shared between apprentice and mentor. Kyle, Sten, Deneth, Bab, and Hallie sat listening to their mentor complain about not wanting to share their knowledge, then turn around and complain about all the lost knowledge. The five got together after hours and decided that they weren't going to let their knowledge go to waste.   Kyle was an orphan who owned a large parcel of land in the north. It was big enough that they could build a school and expand it as they grew. Sten was the third son of a wealthy family who was willing to give them the money to build upon the land. Deneth and Bab were both will to work as teachers, while Hallie was ordered by her family to come home and marry for the family's sake. Luckily, she found a husband that not only was rich, but also willing to indulge her every whim. He also gave money to help set up the school and they moved into the first of the buildings that was built with the others. Hallie's husband ran the administration of the school since he didn't have any magic. They accepted their first students on Indala 1, 1807.  
Discovered the first Adana Sihiri Crystals by accidently overpowering one and having it blow up in the face of the student who found it. The Magical Artifacts teacher took over working with the crystals and soon realized that each type of crystal could only hold so much magical power.  
One of the students took a Jon Adana Crystal with her on a visit home. She let her non-magical little brother play with the crystal. He found that he could copy a small light spell that he saw his sister do earlier that day. She made her mom, dad, and older sister try it too. They could all do the light spell and other small cantrips if they were holding the Jon Adana Crystal, but they couldn't if they weren't holding it.   She took the information back to her teachers and they started experimenting with the local non-magicals. All of them could use the Jon and Zelena Adana crystals. A few could use the Piros Adana crystals. One or two could use the Modros Adana crystals. However, everyone that tried to use the Elesa Adana crystal, died from an overdose of magical power.   The Magic Academy at Winterborn used this information to open schools across Inanta to teach everyone how to use the Jon and Zelena crystals to power their homes and business with magic. They set up a trade agreement with The Miner's Guild of Inanta to receive the Adana Sihiri Crystals, where they use their mages and students to fill them with magic. Then they ship them out to be sold to all the cities, towns, and villages on Inanta. This gives them a monopoly and lets them do anything they want.  
First discovered that the Crystals of Adana Sihiri could be used to supply power to all manner of engines, mechanicals and technology, rather than only being used by mages for spells. This started magical industrial & technological revolution.

Learn Magic, Store Magic, Work Magic

Founding Date
Indala 1, 1807
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Magical Academy
Organization Vehicles


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