The Miner's Guild of Inanta


The Miner's Guild of Inanta has a monopoly for the most part on all the mining on Inanta. If they don't own the mine, they are renting it. They handle 95% of the world's mining operations. The other 5% are in areas of the world where they can't get to yet.   The Miner's Guild is owned and operated by the dwarves, at least it started this way. Now, there is just as many other races at the top of the hierarchy as there are dwarves. This happened almost 250 years ago when the dwarves had a civil war and mining was disrupted. The Miner's Guild decided it needed to diversify its employee population so that racial political agenda would never hurt the bottom line again. This has worked well for them so far. With the new influx of employees, the guild has grown into the powerhouse it is today.
  When the Magic Academy at Winterborn discovered that the Crystals of Adana Sihiri could be used to supply power to all manner of engines, mechanicals and technology, rather than only being used by mages for spells, the Miner's Guild was hired to explore all the mines on Inanta to find more crystals.  

The Miner's Guild of Inanta Renown Structure

Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
Miner's Guild
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


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