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The Valanólemë

The Valanólemë are a cabal of very powerful spellcasters that have taken on the role of preventing the misuse of the Flow.   The Valanólemë was founded by Simimar Kyrn after he created the Dragonborn. Emperor Simimar realized that he did something that solved the immediate problem of the Great Fallen Incursion, but he worried that others might attempt such things without thinking through the consequences. While Emperor Simimar was a founding member, he made sure that he had only a single vote, and that future rulers would only be invited to join if they met the membership requirements. He did not want the new Empire, and his descendents to have unchecked power, and he especially did not his enemies to have that kind of power either, so he created a group that did not answer to anyone to keep magic in check.   The exact makeup of the Valanólemë is unknown, but it is known that there is always an odd number, and that no one member of the group has any more authority than any other member over the group's decisions. It is unknown if they have a meeting hall, or a gathering place. And no one knows who are members and who are not, although there are rumors about membership that are constantly circulating. Membership is by invitation only, and seems to be extended only to those that are very powerful, but they potentially include all spell castering professions, as they believe a diverse membership will bring them wisdom and knowledge.   While the Valanólemë do not answer to the Empire, they do communicate their decisions to the Emperor or Empress when they think they need to be informed, but they do not seek permission for their actions, nor do they try and justify them, they just act as they feel they need to act and the communication is just a courtesy. They have no leader, and no member of the Valanólemë speaks to the throne, instead send a spokesperson to inform the throne what they have done, or intend to do. The spokesperson is teleported into the throne room, and teleports out after delivering the message. They do not answer questions. But they will ask the Emperor/Empress if they wish to hear the message in private, if the throne room has others in it at the time. If so, they will wait to deliver the message until after the throne room has emptied.   Some people believe that a disagreement with the Valanólemë is what caused Aerune Tigith and her library to disappear. Some think she was destroyed, or banished to The Upper Lands, while others believe that she fled from the Valanólemë and is still hiding somewhere in Kyrn. As to what that disagreement might have been, there are too many thoughts to recount them all, but the most widespread of them is that she had discovered how to draw unlimited power from the Flow through The Staff of Aerune Tigith.

We Know; We Plan; We Act.

Translation from the Elvish:
Power of the Deep Wisdom
Guild, Mages


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