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Transtep International

A consortium of buisnesses, academic institutions, and petty governments, the umbrealla company Transtep Interntaional is an international mainstay in logistics and shipping. Ostensibly an import-export organisation, Transtep primaritly deals in 'specialist antiques' (mostly magical artefacts), matching buyers with sellers, and handles its own shipping and protection of extremely valuable historical artefacts.   Because Transtep agents enjoy a degree of freedom from corporate oversight in the pursuit of their business, and because Transtep is such a large and trusted business, some unscrupulous characters have attempted to use the organisation to handle stolen goods. Any Transtep agents arrested for involvement in criminal activity are always found to be acting either of their own volition or even directly against Transtep orders, and the organistaion is quick - even keen - to cooperate with law enforcement, and no wrongdoing is ever found on the part of the company or its directors, many of whom are members of local nobility and authority figures considered above reproach.


Originating from the Ajeian anti-piracy operation, $COMPANY_NAME, in the late 17th century, Transtep's parent company branched out into shipping and logistics, stepping in to support $COUNTRY during $MILITARY_CONFLICT. From there, the organisation expanded and increased in power and influence, becoming the defacto representation of Ajeia in Ophoné. Rebranding into a private enterprise after the fall of Ajeia in $YEAR, Transtep secured a number of lucrative contracts that alowed it to accrue a large fleet of ships and, later, airships and expand its operation worldwide. Transtep partnered with representatives of Ajeia's former allies, recruiting several as consultants after they retired from public office, and went on to secure lucrative contracts with several academic institutions and, through them, Transtep has arrived at its current remit of specialists dealers in antique and rare arefects.

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Founding Date
Consortium, Business
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