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Sisters of the Moon

I understand you are new to our ways, so let me make myself very clear. There is no higher power than the great goddess. No king, queen, or emperor can forestall her judgement, nor can any one of us. We exist only to do her bidding, and if that bidding conflicts with the law, the higher one wins out. And that is the will of the goddess, sir. She gave us law, she can break it if she so chooses. Maven, Grand Mother of the Sisters of the Moon


The Grand Mother - Leader of the order, and high priestess of Vi-serin.   Silven - High ranking priestess of Vi-serin, second in power only to the Grand Mother herself.   Luna - Full fledged member of the order, priestess and assassin.   Sultrus - Low ranked acolyte, still in training and apprenticed to one of the Luna.   Maiden - Potential trainee, lowest member of the order.

Public Agenda

The Sisters of the Moon is a religious organization dedicated to Vi-serin, the moon goddess. They are official advisors to the Queen, and professional assassins and spies. They do the bidding of the goddess, or some say the bidding of themselves, and they are incredibly secretive and close knit. They used to operate more in secret, but in recent years have become so powerful that they no longer have to worry about hiding their illicit activities. They do not publicize their missions, but they do not deny them, and make use of their reputation to manipulate others into doing their bidding.


The Grand Mother wears simple light blue robes with white trim and the symbol of the order embroidered on the chest in silver thread. She is appointed by the old Grand Mother on her death bed, or by the rest of the sisterhood, following a period of fasting, prayer, and meditation.   Silvene wear similar robes, without the trim and with the symbol embroidered on their left shoulder instead. They are appointed by the Grand Mother, due to their exceptional service to the order.   Lunar wear simple grey tunics, embroidered with the symbol upon their right shoulder. They are awarded their title by their master upon completion of their training.   Sultren wear simple white tunics, identical to those of the Lunar, save for the color. They are awarded the title upon being chosen for apprenticeship by a master.   Maidens wear simple white robes with a cloth belt. The symbol is not embroidered on their clothing, instead, each acolyte is given a silver pendant in the shape of the symbol. They are granted their robes after petitioning for entry into the order.

Luck from Silver, Silver from Luck

Religious, Coven
Alternative Names
Moon Witches, Secret Sisters
Notable Members

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