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Cult of Boran the Bloodhound

"He's hard to track. We've had no luck and he's killed 44 people already. Worse this madman is calling upon Abyssal magic in these murders. Offerings to Khorne, offerings of blood and pain. Using Abyssal and Chaotic magics to hide from all who'd search for him. We've had dozens searching and they've turned up nothing. What makes you different?'
A grin, cold, the looks of a true hunter. "Simple. Unlike your others, the Bloodhound smiles upon me."
Seat of Power: Wolf-Hund Hengroet, Longreach, Raechin
Head of Cult: Alpha Fenrik Hanigar.
Primary Orders: Order of the Wolfsguard, Order of the Moon
Major Festivals: Imbolc, 1st of Fenrok. The festival of Rebirth, Revitalization.
Popular Holy Books: Of the Pack, Way of the Wolf, Hymns of the Moon
Popular Holy Symbols: Wolf's head Baring teeth, Lunar Cycle, Wolf Paw Print.


Boran the Bloodhound, is the Ascended Champion of the Hunt, and is one whom the stories of his death are well known legend. He is said to have died across the Nor'Westor Sea, during the assault upon the Void itself, to break the spells of the Avatars of Woe in their bid to tear further the Hole in the World to consume all of Tariek in the Void. He is said to have been the one whom broke the Vanguard of Nightmares left at Felbolg pass, the only way through the impassable Shards Range to the place where the Hole in the World is located, the center of the deep tundra wasteland that is Norvina. He clashed directly with Tentiligur, the Avatar of Lust, the first born Nightmare Lord of Libidine. Their fight was one that took hours, so the legends tell, as the cold steel of Boran's fang clashed with the burning fires of Lust and Desire. It is said that Boran suffered enough pain to kill a thousand men, and enough sensory overload to still and erupt the hearts of hundreds more, yet did not falter to this tainted magic of suffering or temptation. He struck naught with emotion or fury, but with cold, calculated, predatory instinct and precision, keeping an iron grip of control upon himself. His death was not the end, for some otherworldly force took him to join the others, to become an Ascended. As he struck down this abomination, returning it to the depths of the Void where it belonged, his wounds took his body. But his soul became something far more.
His worshipers are most often as he was, Hunters of all kind, of beast, man, witch, daemon. His faith, as they all do, has a variety of orders, though most are militant in nature, likely 2-1. The most famous and prominent of these serve the throne of Raechin along with their faith, though their church always comes first. They are of course, the Wolfsguard. These elite men and women are without peer in Raechin, absolutely fearless, cunning, quick, and strong. As to Monastic orders, the largest is the Order of the Pack. This order is of the cloth and prayer, their job twofold, to spread the good word, and to maintain and protect holy sites.
Holy Sites
Wolf-Hund Hengroet in Longreach, Raechin is their Grand Cathedral. Temples can be found all throughout Raechin in most towns and every city. Smaller chapels and shrines can be found in every village or hamlet, even if it be naught but a simple way-shrine. For the rest of the continent, his holy places, where people offer respect and prayer are most oft found in rural environments, where hunting, and fishing are manner of survival.
Penances from Boran the Bloodhound oft involve hunting Dark Fey, or vicious criminals wishing to escape justice, especially those who's crimes are those of dark lust and excess. Rape in particular elicits a vicious response, as does narcotic smuggling, forced addiction, typical filth such as this. Rape, especially violent or aggravated or of children results in a punishment of the most horrifying. Castration, then cooking and forcing you to devour your own genitalia. Afterwards, once that wound has healed, they will drag you into a dark corner of the woods, shatter both knees, and your dominant elbow. They will leave you there, covering you in deer blood, and carefully use a heated knife to slit your vocal cords, cauterizing the wound so you will not bleed to death. Then they will go splash bits of venison blood around the area, come back and hand you a small cudgel. By this point the ever circling howls of wolves will very much be present, if not more fearful noises of even more terrifying predators that can stalk the deepest and darkest corners of the forests across Valerick. The reason they dont give you a blade of course is so you cannot easily take your own life. As the howls and growls grow closer, they will inform you, "Die like a man, or be eaten alive. They wont kill you unless you struggle, but even then your pain will continue for many moments. Perhaps as you choke on that last breath, begging to die, naught but a broken shell of a person, perhaps then you may understand a tenth of what you put (victim/s) through. What you did was not strength. It was the weakness of damnation. You sowed this seed. Now time to reap the harvest." And then they will leave you. The next sight you'll see...canine eyes (or worse) from the darkness.

Mythology & Lore

The forging of the world, by the Elemental Children. And the Draconic Wars.

Divine Origins

This faith, as with all the worship of the Ascended, comes from the Draconic Wars, the nine heroes whom united and pulled the seven races together to stand against the Dragons, both sides. By sheer numbers, eventually the dragons fell. But the cost. We know not much of the time. But we do know that none of the nine legends survived the war. Nor did any of dragonkind. Our nine champions ascended into godhood. They were welcomed home by Mother and Father and the seven Children of Creation, the first of each race, the Elemental Children   After the Draconic wars came an age of happiness and enlightenment. Our heroes became gods. So we worshiped, we sang, we prayed. But though it was a boon of an era, a time of great discovery and invention and regrowth.....darkness was to return. Some discovered things that should have been left lost. The darkness and temptation of the Abyss. The Black Mists. Daemons, the worst embodiment of our own desires, talents, dreams, twisted into nightmares, dark twisting abilities and our desires turned to horrifying dark obsessions. The eldest of the beings of creation, the things the Mother of Creation and the Father of Time, blessed unto them, locked away when they birthed the first of each race, the elemental beings, our ancestors. But some discovered lost knowledge and magical rituals....and cults began to form until things reached a boiling point. That is when the Sundering occurred. That is when the Twisted Forms, the Ruinous Powers, The Daemon Lords, once again began storming the gap between our plane and the Abyss. And they've closed the distance. We are entering a new age, an age where faith and strength are our only hope. Chaos, the Abyss has returned to Valerick. We pushed back and recovered, indeed we continue to attempt to advance.....but they will not stop. The Black Mists will not stop. And we must stand fast.

Cosmological Views

As with all followers of the Ascended, they believe that Mother of Creation and Father of Time gave birth to seven children, the Elemental Creators, the first of what would eventually become Valerick's seven 'civilized' races, though none know what the Tieflings used to be before the Abyssal taint crippled and twisted the very fabric of their race. But it is believed the world was forged by these seven. They used their own energy and elemental power to forge a companion being. Their other half. And so our species began, each of our species.....However, the twisting began at that moment. long forgotten powers, ancient, thought dead beings of chaos and blood and slaughter, they followed the trail of energy, and at the moment of forging, insured they tainted the world, and these partners the Children of Creation built for themselves. These tainted mirrors slowly lost control to long forgotten beings, monsters, nightmares. And they twisted and twisted, and brought that infection with them. It manifested in goblins, kobolds, giantkin, mind flayers, all manner of other monster and beast.
  But this is our world, and we are here. We cannot falter, for where can we turn. So we will stand strong against the madness. We will not falter. We will take our world back. We will stand against the darkness, the insanity, the madness, the sin, the excess. So stand strong!!! Take heart!!! Our ancestors care for us and shield us from on high!!!

Tenets of Faith

Rules of the Hunt
1. Seek to do the right thing when others won't
2. Remember your place. All can be prey, do not believe yourself above the cycle.
3. We are Justice for when Law fails. We do not play by such rules.
4. Treat all prey with respect. You can catch or kill them with respect too.


Those in this cult seek to punish the guilty where and when the legal system and laws fail. Whether it be because they can't catch them, or if the legal system can't manage to convict them. None should escape the consequences for a lack of morality.


Simple offerings, simple prayers, and a simple life. Always seeking answers, truth, and most of all, morality. Pray daily, pray often, and never shy from what you are. Embrace the Rules of the Hunt.
1. Seek to do the right thing when others won't
2. Remember your place. All can be prey, do not believe yourself above the cycle.
3. We are Justice for when Law fails. We do not play by such rules.
4. Treat all prey with respect. You can catch or kill them with respect too.


The priesthood of Boran the Bloodhound are generally moderately armored, not just robes or clothes. They are pragmatic, hunters, survivalists. Bows or crossbows much in evidence, knife, perhaps a longer blade or a hatchet. Tattooed on their back is their holy symbol, A hunting hound in full sprint.

Granted Divine Powers

Priests/Nuns/Warpriests whom select this diety upon character creation gain Medium Armor proficency. They also gain one of Bow, crossbow, or firearm proficency. This is in addition to any proficiencies they have from their ordinary path proficiencies.


The four Domains of Boran the Bloodhound are Battle, Courage, Hunt, Justice

Domain of Battle: Domain Passive If chosen by an appropriate character, the Domain of Battle blesses you in melee combat. You automatically confirm critical hits with any melee weapon you are proficient with, so long as you have rounds of Battle Hymns remaining for the day.
Domain Active: Battle Hymns This domain lets you rally yourself and your allies, focusing them, drawing the best out of them. For 4+1/level rounds per day you can grant your allies Advantage on all attack rolls. You do not need to use these rounds all at once, but it does burn an action to activate or deactivate. However there is no roll you need to make for this action, though it consumes an action slot.

Domain of Courage: Domain Passive If chosen, the Domain of Courage blesses you with impressive resolve in the face of dangerous odds. You have Advantage against Fear Effects, so long as you have uses of Call of Courage left for the day.
Domain Active Call of Courage This domain lets you empower your voice, your call to arms, to aid your comrades in dire straights. 4+1/level times a day, you can remove any negative conditions (Stun, Exhaust, Slow, etc) with the rousing hymns and promises of courageous victory to your ally. So long as they are within 5+1/level meters of you they can be the target of this effect.

Domain of the Hunt: Domain Passive If chosen the Domain of the Hunt blesses you with the senses and awareness of an apex predator. You have Advantage on Perception checks and Initiative Checks, so long as you have uses of Hunter's Mark left for the day.
Domain Active Hunter's Mark This domain lets you call out and through force of will and divine power, you mark a target as an action. This mark cannot be resisted. The next 1+1/4 level attacks from you or any of your allies against this target count as touch attacks. You can use this ability 4+1/5 level times per day.

Domain of Justice: Domain Passive If chosen the Domain of Justice blesses you with the ability to detect those of true evil. You are treated as having Detect Evil with a 10+1/4 level meter radius out from you as a standard sense, so long as you have uses of Chain the Lawbreaker left for the day.
Domain Active Chain the Lawbreaker This domain lets you call upon your diety's name as a minor curse of sorts. You may do this 4+1/4 levels times per day. You make an immediate attack upon the target with this action, but in addition to the normal damage, this attack entangles the target, and it is treated as having a Strength equal to your Fellowship.

Litanys of Boran the Bloodhound

These powers are the options for the Blessings for those of the faith of Boran whom can call upon and bestow such gifts, like the Nun/Priest and Warpriest, and other paths like them. They will be laid out below as follows.

Litany Name
Praying DC
Brief Description, effects, and applicable saves.

Litany of the Courageous
Range: 5+1/level meters
Target: Self and AOE
Duration: 1+1/level rounds
You and any allies within range to hear are at Advantage to all saves for the duration of the Blessing.

Litany of the Hunter
Range: 5+1/level meters
Target: Self and AOE
Duration: 1+1/level rounds
You and any allies within range to hear may make an extra attack action for each round this lasts.

Litany of the Tracker
Range: 5+1/level meters
Target: Self and AOE
Duration: 1+1/level minutes
Whilst this is active, out to the listed range from you, you become very aware of any creatures tracks you could see, along with being on Advantage to any tests involving following or identifying such tracks.

Prayers of the Bloodhound

Those so blessed by their god can even, on occassion, call upon great divine gifts through prayer, hymn, dirge, ode or some other form worshipping call. Below are those such gifts one the faith of the Master of Hunts may call upon. They will be laid out thusly;

Prayer Name
Praying DC
Brief Description, effects, and applicable saves, if any.

Prayer of the Beasts
Range: Touch
Target: 1
Duration: 1+1/4 level hours
You whisper in prayer to the lord of the hunt, requesting that the Bloodhound gift your target, for a time, with the benefit of his amazing senses. For the duration your target is at advantage to all Perception and Stealth checks, as well as gaining the following traits;
  • Tremorsense 10 m
  • Detect Magick 10 m
  • Scent

  • Hymn of the Wild
    Range: 100+10/level meters
    Target: 1
    Duration: 10+10/level minutes from when it arrives.
    You sing out in the tones of the wild, animal calls, and low hums and whispers in forgotten wylde tongues. Your calls go forth, and an animal within range, either one you can see and be targeting, or perhaps something you didn't know was there, appropriate for the terrain, responds to your call. For the duration it will travel with you, fight beside you if able, and aid you in any way it can reasonably understand.

    Hymn of the Pack
    Range: 10+1/level meters
    Target: Self and AOE
    Duration: 6+1/level rounds
    You sing forth with the howling and excited tone of an alpha wolf, calling upon the instinctual nature of yourself and all allies in range that can hear you. You and any allies you effect treat your Movement score as double and may take an extra Action at your highest Base Action Bonus each round the effect lasts. This action may include an attack or a spell casting even if they have already done such a thing once in the round.

    Ode of Hunter's Sight
    Range: 10+1/level meters
    Target: Self and AOE
    Duration: 6+1/level rounds
    You call forth to your diety, seeking his blessing to the eyes of you and our companions. For the duration of the prayer, any and all ranged attacks anyone effected by this prayer ignores cover and concealment and is rolled at advantage.

    Dirge of the Hunted
    Range: 100+10/level meters casting range and then 1+1/level kilometers
    Target: 1
    Duration: 1+1/level hours
    Calling upon Boran's blessing (or curse for your victim) you mark your target via supernatural means only you can sense. You need merely focus for a moment, taking an action to connect, and you will know what direction your target is from you, and how far, as well as even getting a rough sense of direction of travel and the terrain they are travelling through. Will Save applies, however you mark them regardless, they are just aware of it, though you would not know this. Your first attack upon the target is an automatic critical hit, which then consumes the mark.

    Ode of the Packmaster
    Range: 10+1/level meters
    Target: AOE, Self
    Duration: 1 round/level
    You pray, quoting the scriptures of the huntmaster for you and your allies, granting insight of the wolf pack, letting your all work together with hieghtened senses and ability to read off each other. You and all your allies in range get +1/4 levels extra actions of opportunity each round. In addition if any of you land a critical hit on any target during the duration, anyone whom witnesses it and wishes to, can take an action of opportunity against that target (actions of opportunity are most often attacks, but can be Combat Manuevors, Skill Checks as appropriate, and if one has the appropriate feat, perhaps even casting a spell upon the target.)

    Killing Shot
    Range: Touch on cast, but the attack itself equivalent to the range of the weapon to be used
    Target: 1 ranged weapon
    Duration: A singular attack
    You pray for the hunter's blessing for the quarry of this weapon's next shot. A swift and painless death. The next attack this weapon makes is rolled at Advantage and if it hits, it is an automatic critical. Along with this, the target must make a Fortitude save or immediately die. Even if successful, the critical deals four times damage instead of double, and inflicts 2 injuries, not just one.

    Dirge of Mortality
    Range: 20+5/level meters
    Target: 1 non living creature (undead, construct, horror, nightmare, abomination, extraplanar)
    Duration: 1+1/level rounds
    Muttering prayers to the Master of the Hunt, you force a cursed reminder on a being that thought to forget the cycle of predator and prey, to break free of that cycle of nature. Everything dies. The target must make a Fortitude Save. Should they fail, if reduced to 0 Hit Points during the duration of the spell, they actually truly and honestly die. Even if they succeed, the curse pulls at their desire to break the cycle, and deals 1d10+1/level damage each round, and regardless if this damage is what brings them to 0 hit points, the target dies permanently.

    I am a wolf. Come face my fangs, if you dare!

    Religious, Organised Religion
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