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Nun (Any Race)

You have devoted your life to helping those of your faith with their spiritual health and educating the next generation. You are the keeper's of the young, and of knowledge. The educators and the caretakers.

"Don't mistake their robes and their oaths to the church as pacifism. See the sunburst upon their robes? The Pegasus on the back? They are nuns of the Solar, they serve Vosana Falconhand. They may not be armed currently, but if you assault them, they will be be armed, and you won't in a short order. Soon after you will have your weapons returned....but your life will end. They serve her with a fire and passion matched only by the sun." A would be thief, advising his partner against open banditry of a trio of nuns. Shortly after the bandit, Jared Holming, was found dead and scorched.

"Come, come, Sister Aurora has set the feast and the fire. Its Summer Solstice, and she's even dug out some Caid sticks. She's going to teach us how to play!!!" Kaden Horner, student.

Nuns are members of a religious order, normally cloistered within an abbey, covenant, or monastery. They are teachers, caretakers, and spiritual healers. Midwives and trusted community folk. They are also educators most often, the ones schooling the young of their neighborhoods congregation. But they are more than that. They are moral guides, trusted confidantes and confessors as well. This is not to confuse them for defenseless robe wearing servants of the gods. They oft are blessed by their god, and if their faith is strong enough, occasionally miracles will occur to defend them. Beyond that, most at least take time to be competent in matters of self defense, in melee if nothing else. 

Nuns or monks often learn other valuable trades as well, that of the scribe, or calligraphy, cartography, or brewery. Wine making or liquor distillation are common as well. They may also be wandering prophets/pilgrims or missionaries to spread the faith's word and influence, perhaps to begin converting a purchased building into a small chapel in a town that they did not yet have a church of the faith. 

As to how a nun or a monk can end up on an adventure, well if a religious order discovers terrible secrets, or perhaps fragments of a prophecy, or a site that suggests ancient members of their order were laid to rest in a forgotten place. They often then send out an expedition of hired guards and mercenaries, along with nuns, scholars, priests and perhaps two or three Exemplaris to head up command of the mercenaries to watch over them whilst they investigate, study, retrieve, or seal away whatever it is that was found.

Role: In game, nuns offer a balance, offering a smattering of divine power and providence, with a fairly wide ranging and varied skill set. Besides this they do all have at least basic medical training, they can suture wounds, bandage cuts, and treat basic illnesses or infections. They are a nice well rounded friend to have, whom also have plenty of knowledge of the theological, and often have knowledge of the local area and other subjects as well. They dabble in herbalism, wine and liquor making, beer making, and often even have a touch of knowledge about local politics, and a smattering of understanding of politics and political ideas and theories in general.



One must swear the oath of their Cult, and then complete their initiation testing, though first will come a year or two at least, of study. They must learn the holy book, whilst also learning the other texts that are more specified, at least well enough to understand the basis of them. So reading and writing are a must, obviously. One must also learn the basics of herbology. To advance further one must be well studied within their faith and order, and capable of passing on education, of teaching and instructing. At the highest offices, one must also be politically savvy, and well read within your faith, beyond the common holy texts.

Career Progression

WS BS Str T I Ag Dex Int WP Fel
- - - 4 3 - 1 1 2 1

TIER 1: Novitiate: Copper-1
Skills: Art (Calligraphy), Cool, Endurance, Entertain (Storyteller), Gossip, Heal, Lore (Theology), Pray
Talents: Bless (Any), Stone Soup, Panhandle, Read/Write
Trappings: Religious Symbol, Robes

TIER 2: Nun: Copper-4
Skills: Charm, Melee (Any), Research, Trade (Brewer, Distiller, or Vintner), Trade (Herbology), Trade (Scribe)
Talents: Etiquette (Cultists), Field Dressing, Holy Visions, Invoke (Any)
Trappings: Holy Book, Religious Relic, Trade Tools (Any)

TIER 3: Abbess: Silver-2
Skills: Leadership, Lore (Local), Lore (Politics), Perception
Talents: Resistance (Any), Robust, Savant (Theology), Stout-Hearted
Trappings: Abbey, Library (Theology)

TIER 4: Prioress General: Silver-5
Skills: Language (Any), Lore (Any)
Talents: Commanding Presence, Iron Will, Pure Soul, Strong-Minded
Trappings: Religious Order

Payment & Reimbursement

Being a member of the cloth in this fashion is less a job than a lifestyle, and oft the pay scales accordingly, mostly because food, accommodations, and the clothes you wear are provided by the church in question. However should one ascend the ranks, one can make a passable and decent living. Status scales from Copper-1 to Silver-5 over all four tiers.

Other Benefits

Accommodations are provided, full library access, food and drink are provided. Also, the prestige and social benefits attached to membership within a faith are not insignificant.



They fill the role of community outreach for most churches. Missionaries, educators, preachers, and translators. They also can serve as providers for the faith/church in question, be it for herbs of medicinal or religious nature, brewing of alcohol, or 'holy water' whatever spirit is preferred by their order. They also often serve as scribes for judicial proceedings both within and outside the church.

Social Status

They are lower class for those of academic standing, but they are not looked down upon, far from it, in many ways they are revered and loved for they are the kind, caring face of the faith. They are generally beloved in their community, it is very rare that anyone would harbor any, or voice any, displeasure or ill will towards them.


Any can join such orders, though dwarves, tieflings, and vrock are far and away the rarest


The histories are wide and varied with each order within any given church and faiith.



Writing Kit
Religious Symbol
Religious Holy Book
Religious Robes




Generally a church or chapel, sometimes with a schoolhouse attached. Naturally the architecture and design of the building will change depending on the faith.

Provided Services

Minor Medicinal

Dangers & Hazards

The more rural the settlement, the more rural the chapel, the higher the risk of raids by monsters and Children of Madness. Churches, chapels, shrines, they serve two purposes to raid for such evil creatures. To desecrate in the name of their dark gods, but also because such structures oft contain much of value, by comparison of houses. Treasures, coin, all manner of trinket and medicines, as well as valuable sacrificial prisoners. For the Daemons of the Void love nothing more than being offered a soul of the truly faithful to twist, taint and torture. Their will is strong, which means they may provide long entertainment before they finally break. Thieves and bandits as well, present a risk in more rural and even some urban churches.
Alternative Names
It is not only legal, it is beloved, seen as a great public service and worthy of honor and great respect.


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