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Cult of Captain Black Jeremiah

"One with the waves, chosen by the sea. Take what we will, pirates we all be!"
Seat of Power: Nassau, island just off the coast of Mora.
Head of the Cult: High Captain Felix 'Black-blade' Oraniak
Primary Orders: Razorfin Marines, Order of the Deep.
Major Festivals: 14th of Fosta, First Harvest, Month of Fosta, The Raider's Delight.
Popular Holy Books: Corsairs Code, Etiquette of the Seas, Shanties of the Faithful
Popular Holy Symbols: Jolly Roger, but skull and cutlasses not bones, Pistols crossed over the moon. Shark cutting through waves.


At a glance the Corsair Captain Black Jeramiah, of all the Ascended Heroes, is one that least fits. But when one looks closer, it is a true fit. Like the Sea, the temperament of this corsair captain make perfect sense. He was a scoundrel, a privateer to be sure, a pirate by all likelihood. But when it was all on the line, he rallied the corsairs of the western coasts, and led them to war. His followers are like this as well. They honor the code of the sea and the corsair code of conduct nothing more. Their orders, such as they are, both monastic or militant, are less...organized than their fellows. Its more a...loose association in most cases. Where this is not true of course is the Razorfins, the largest of the militant orders. They alone run a true religious republic, as mad as that may sound, and the Razorfins hold three of the seven seats on the council of captains. Three other seats are held by the Sea Lords and Ladies of the Order of the Deep, the largest and most...structured of the monastic orders. The seventh seat is held by an elected landlubber lord or lady. Naturally this is rather...corrupt, yet most would argue that the people of Mora have more freedom than most. Sailors of all walks of life, fresh or salt water, are known to pray to him.
One cannot easily tell if they are coming upon one of the cloth or exemplaris of this cult. They dress indiscriminately, holy symbols and the like reserved for their vessels flags, or for tattoos. Cutlasses much in attendance. But one can assume if its an island or coastal site known to be of religious importance, then its likely Captain Black Jeremiah's faithful that hold and protect the sight.
The Isle known as Nassau holds their cathedral if ever there were one, and churches, shrines and temples ca be found aboard vessels, at or near lighthouses, coastal towns, isles and even shallow water shipwrecks or vessels run aground.
Generally it will be righting some perceived wrong against the sea. Perhaps to hunt down filthy heretics that have take to the waves. Or children of Madness, specifically, filthy Joten whom dare to foolishly attempt to take to the sea. Or perhaps to try and retrieve a sunken lost treasure or knowledge.

Mythology & Lore

The forging of the world, by the Elemental Children. And the Draconic Wars.

Divine Origins

This faith, as with all the worship of the Ascended, comes from the Draconic Wars, the nine heroes whom united and pulled the seven races together to stand against the Dragons, both sides. By sheer numbers, eventually the dragons fell. But the cost. We know not much of the time. But we do know that none of the nine legends survived the war. Nor did any of dragonkind. Our nine champions ascended into godhood. They were welcomed home by Mother and Father and the seven Children of Creation, the first of each race, the Elemental Children   After the Draconic wars came an age of happiness and enlightenment. Our heroes became gods. So we worshiped, we sang, we prayed. But though it was a boon of an era, a time of great discovery and invention and regrowth.....darkness was to return. Some discovered things that should have been left lost. The darkness and temptation of the Abyss. The Black Mists. Daemons, the worst embodiment of our own desires, talents, dreams, twisted into nightmares, dark twisting abilities and our desires turned to horrifying dark obsessions. The eldest of the beings of creation, the things the Mother of Creation and the Father of Time, blessed unto them, locked away when they birthed the first of each race, the elemental beings, our ancestors. But some discovered lost knowledge and magical rituals....and cults began to form until things reached a boiling point. That is when the Sundering occurred. That is when the Twisted Forms, the Ruinous Powers, The Daemon Lords, once again began storming the gap between our plane and the Abyss. And they've closed the distance. We are entering a new age, an age where faith and strength are our only hope. Chaos, the Abyss has returned to Valerick. We pushed back and recovered, indeed we continue to attempt to advance.....but they will not stop. The Black Mists will not stop. And we must stand fast.

Cosmological Views

As with all followers of the Ascended, they believe that Mother of Creation and Father of Time gave birth to seven children, the Elemental Creators, the first of what would eventually become Valerick's seven 'civilized' races, though none know what the Tieflings used to be before the Abyssal taint crippled and twisted the very fabric of their race. But it is believed the world was forged by these seven. They used their own energy and elemental power to forge a companion being. Their other half. And so our species began, each of our species.....However, the twisting began at that moment. long forgotten powers, ancient, thought dead beings of chaos and blood and slaughter, they followed the trail of energy, and at the moment of forging, insured they tainted the world, and these partners the Children of Creation built for themselves. These tainted mirrors slowly lost control to long forgotten beings, monsters, nightmares. And they twisted and twisted, and brought that infection with them. It manifested in goblins, kobolds, giantkin, mind flayers, all manner of other monster and beast. 
  But this is our world, and we are here. We cannot falter, for where can we turn. So we will stand strong against the madness. We will not falter. We will take our world back. We will stand against the darkness, the insanity, the madness, the sin, the excess. So stand strong!!! Take heart!!! Our ancestors care for us and shield us from on high!!!

Tenets of Faith

A simple, free, rule set is the tenet here. Take what ya can, give nothing back!!


Very much loose and up for debate.


Most priests don't 'worship' so much as live as one with. Captain Black Jeremiah was a pirate, an adventurer after riches and glory. His followers simply follow his footsteps, whether as pirates, privateers, or sailors.


Priests, such as they are, of this church are normally sailors, likable veterans of the sea. There is no real signs or clothing choices involved to mark them, indeed they are pirates through and through, even using the skull and crossbones from the Jolly Roger as their holy symbol.

Granted Divine Powers

Priests/Nuns/Warpriests whom select this diety upon character creation gain Basic Melee Weapon Proficency as well as Firearm and Explosives Proficiency, and Light Armor Proficiency.


The four domains of Captain Black Jeremiah are; Freedom, Luck, Travel, and Water

Domain of Freedom: Domain Passive If chosen by an appropriate character, the domain of freedom blesses your manuevorability. You are at +1 Movement Score at all times so long as you have uses of Freedom of Movement left for the day.
Domain Active Freedom of Movement This domain lets you touch a creature (you can self target) and temporarily bless them with Captain Black Jeremiah's greatest blessing. For rounds equal to your Fellowship Modifier, the target ignores any difficult terrain effects, including movement restrictions. You may use this 4+1/4 level times per day.

Domain of Luck: Domain Passive If chosen, the domain of luck blesses you with the luck of the freebooter. Instead of being neutral, so long as you have uses of Freebooter's Fortune left in the day, your baseline is to always be rolling with Advantage.
Domain Active Freebooter's Fortune This ability is an interrupt, an immediate action, a reaction. You can do this at any point. You may not use this on the same person for the same roll more than once. You immediately call upon the High Captain to bless your friend with a corsairs good fortune. The range of this ability is 10+1/level meters, and it must be an ally, (or yourself). You immediately allow them to re-roll whatever D20 they just rolled. You can use this ability 4+1/2 level times per day.

Domain of Travel: Domain Passive As someone of the world, a worldly individual, you are very directionally inclined. By the will of your lord, sometimes you don't even need nautical charts or maps. As long as you have uses of Traveler's Step left for the day, you always have Advantage on any Navigation checks in regards to traveling, knowing where you are, figuring out routes to get to places.
Domain Active Traveler's Step This ability allows you to supernaturally cover a distance equal to 1/4 your level (minimum 1 meter) as an immediate reaction. You may use this ability up to 4+1/2 level times per day.

Domain of Water: Domain Passive As a person of the sea, and one of the faith of the High Captain, you are so blessed with his natural inclination for the water. You and any ally within 1/2 level meters of you are always at Advantage to Swim checks. This only remains active so long as you have uses of Touch of the Sea left for the day.
Domain Active Touch of the Sea As an action, you may touch allied creature (this can include yourself), and bless them with the Touch of the Sea. For 1 minute/level, they can now breathe underwater as if air. You can use this 4+1/4 level times per day.

Litanys of Captain Black Jeremiah

These powers are the options for the Blessings that those of the faith of Captain Black Jeremiah can call upon, should they have such an ability. They will be laid out as follows;

Litany Name
Praying DC
Brief Description, effects, and applicable saves.

Litany of Aggression
Range: 5+1/level meters
Target: Self, AOE
Duration: 1 round/level
Calling upon one of the tenets of the seabourne's tactical approaches to battle. Violence of Action. You and any allies in range to be effected during the duration have Advantage on all attack rolls.

Litany of the Sailor
Range: 5+1/level meters
Target: Self, AOE
Duration: 1 round/level
Calling upon the surefootedness of sailors past you bless yourself and any ally in range with that benefit. All effected have Advantage on any Agility based roll, along with their Reflex saves for the duration.

Litany of the Looter
Range: Self
Target: 1 item
Duration: Immediate
You call upon the High Captains well traveled knowledge to identify an item's rough value. You won't gain numerical information, merely one of five descriptors. Worthless, Poor, Normal, Expensive, or Priceless.

Prayers of Captain Black Jeremiah

Those so blessed by their god can even, on occassion, call upon great divine gifts through prayer, hymn, dirge, odes or some other form of worshipping call. Below are those gifts a worshiper of the High Captain may call upon. They will be laid out thusly.

Prayer Name
Praying DC
Brief description, effects, and applicable saves

Dirge of Becalming
Range: 1000+100/level meters
Target: 1 Nautical vessel within range you can see.
Duration: 10+5/level minutes
You call upon the Highest of Captains to curse a vessel in your sight with the illest of luck. The air, even the currents of the ocean around the vessel out 10+1/level meters are calmed completely. The water goes glass still, even if the weather around is a raging hurricane, waves break against a magical barrier of force. The vessel cannot move via sails or the current of the ocean. If powered some other way, such as oars or steam engine, this effect travels with the vessel.

Dirge of the Ocean's Cold Embrace
Range: 10+1/level meters
Target: 1
Duration: 6+1/level rounds
You call upon your holy Captain to bring the sea against your foe. Your targets' lungs begin to fill with saltwater, their hair seeming to move as if they were in the ocean, floating. Your target is Silenced for the duration, taking 1d10+1/level cold damage each round. They must make a Fortitude save each round to avoid becoming unconcsious and being subjected to death saves against drowning.

Hymn of Fair Winds
Range: 1000+100/level meters
Target: 1 Nautical Vessel within range and sight.
Duration: 10+5/level minutes
The target vessels' sails swell from favorable winds, the ocean below becomes a favorable current, out to 10+1/level meters from the vessel in question. This area moves with the vessel. No matter the actual prevailing wind, tide or current, the vessel moves at top speed. All Skill checks tied to any sort of operation of the vessel are at advantage for the duration.

Prayer for the Ocean's Bounty
Range: Self (and any implement that should be divinely like...summoned to hand to accomplish the description)
Target: Self
Duration: Immediate
You implore to the Holy Captain and he helps provide. Reaching into a body of water you catch some sort of safely edible fish, enough to feed 1+1/2 level creatures. If you reach into the sea you catch some sort of edible fish large/numerous enough to feed 2+1/level people.

Ode to our Cruel Mistress
Range: 20+5/level meters
Target: AOE 5+1/level meters
Duration: 6+1/level rounds
Your targets are immediately drenched in salt water, the ground around them becomes difficult terrain, treated as slippery. Their sense of balance reels as if they are on the deck of a tempest tossed ship. They take 1d8+1/level cold damage every round they are in the AOE. Targets in the AOE immediately at cast are also Blinded, Deafened, Slowed, and your prayer roll upon calling forth this miracle, acts as a Trip attempt against everyone who starts their turn in the AOE for each round.

Hymn of the Waterstrider
Range:5+1/level meter AOE
Target: Centered on Self
Duration: 30 minutes/level
You call upon Captain Black Jeremiah's favor to allow you and your allies in range, for the divine gift to cross open water as if it were solid ground. This only works if you try and use this within 100 meters or less of a large enough body of water, elsewise you may upset your deity. It needs to be a major river, or at least a moderate sized lake, no smaller.
Religious, Holy Order
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