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Priest (Any Race)

You carry the word of your god, tending to the spiritual needs of your congregation, your flock.

"Listen brave soldiers there is nothing to fear here. For Vosana stands with us. Look to your spear, as the sunlight of the dawn glints off them. Watch as she gifts us with the flames of the sun to use against our foes!" The soldiers all gasped, as spear tips ignited, flames of pure sun-fire wreathing every spear tip, as the priestesses, thirty of them, chanted in ritual prayer. "Now lay aside your fears." the high priestess commanded, "And march! Forward, to victory!!!!"

Priests and Priestesses tend to congregations of the faithful all over Valerick. Each religion keeps there own, but as most larger churches have shrines and pews for the other Ascended beside the one it is built for. So it is not unexpected to see a priestess of Vosana Falconhand giving a sermon within a church of Sir Kartheart for example. Some handle churches, caring for and maintaining them, others oft wander the rural places and corners of the world, spreading their good words to the folk who cannot attend masses for they have no access to a church. They are expected to exemplify the core ideals, values and beliefs. The higher up priests generally work in a city, tied to all those churches and chapels, though some go and serve in the military as well. High Priests and Priestess are often responsible for a particular temple, with or indeed an entire settlement and its flock Some also serve in more localized and regional politics and as advisors for nobility and ruling families. Lectors serve within the grand cathedral of a given religion, or in political offices of import, generally appointed as advisors, or running for election to councils in appropriate nations. Naturally from among the Lectors you will find the spiritual leader of the Cloth within most religions. 

Some temple bound priests seek distractions to justify sojourns away. Disturbing matters heard from their congregation can send them on a quest for answers. Some High Priests can find themselves caught up in local intrigue and affairs. Others take extended pilgrimages far away from the temple to escape the paperwork and doldrums of a boring office/organizer life, which is far and away from what they envisioned when they first joined up.



One must swear the oath of their Cult, and then complete their initiation testing, though first will come at least four to five years of study. They must learn the holy book, whilst also learning the other texts that are more specified, and this education never stops. You are to be a spiritual leader of your congregation. Priests are preachers, they give sermons, they are the focus point, the voice of faith. So they cannot just learn the book. They must know it like they know themselves. It must be part of them. Besides this, they can offer some healing, they have the basic skills. They also are excellent speakers, they can pacify or ignite the masses as needed. All these things, of course, require an education, training, practice.

Career Progression

WS BS Str T I Ag Dex Int WP Fel
- - - 1 4 1 - 3 1 2

TIER 1: Initiate: Copper-2
Skills: Athletics, Cool, Endurance, Intuition, Lore (Theology), Perception, Pray, Research
Talents: Bless (Any), Holy Visions, Read/Write, Suave
Trappings: Religious Symbol, Robes

TIER 2: Priest: Silver-1
Skills: Charm, Entertain (Story-Telling), Gossip, Heal, Intimidate, Melee (Basic)
Talents: Blather, Bookish, Etiquette (Cultists), Invoke (Any)
Trappings: Book (Religion), Ceremonial Robes

TIER 3: High Priest: Gold-1
Skills: Art (Writing), Entertain (Speeches), Leadership, Lore (Heraldry)
Talents: Acute Sense (Any), Hatred (Any), Impassioned Zeal, Strong-Minded
Trappings: Quality Robes, Religious Relic, Subordinate Priests, Temple

TIER 4: Lector: Gold-2
Skills: Language (Any), Lore (Politics)
Talents: Master Orator, Pure Soul, Resistance (Any), Savant (Theology)
Trappings: Library (Theology), Subordinate High Priests

Payment & Reimbursement

The Status of this career ranges from Copper-2 to Gold-2 throughout the 4 levels therein.

Other Benefits

The prestige alone grants you impressive access to all walk and manner of society. You are religious figure, revered. This has many perks. That said the churches are known well for playing the game of politics, intrigue and acquisition with the best of them, so whilst some of your prestige is trust, the rest is also acknowledgement and concern of provoking that which backs your words. Not your god. But your god's more....aggressive and zealous servants.



First and foremost is as a trusted community figure. As a voice of your community, as the ears your community can turn to. Its that perception that is so key. Secondly you are a pillar of your congregation, a trusted religious figure can offer wisdom and guidance from the holy pages. All this can oft come with a healthy helping of politicking, intrigue and

Social Status

Equal part respect and fear. This is due to the respect for a religious figure of the community, a caretaker, a shepherd if you will, combined with the unspoken consequences for anything interfering with their good work. The Exemplaris orders are well known.


Any may become on of the cloth, though it is least common in dwarves, vrocks unsurprisingly, and tieflings.


Each church, each religion would have their own detailed history. Needless to say they are varied and many.



Religious Symbol
Holy Robes
Religious Text


Where ever the church wills it.

Provided Services

Sermons, Spiritual Guidance, Church administrative duties, keeping church records, and a whole host of others.

Dangers & Hazards

The more rural the settlement, the more rural the chapel, the higher the risk of raids by monsters and Children of Madness. Churches, chapels, shrines, they serve two purposes to raid for such evil creatures. To desecrate in the name of their dark gods, but also because such structures oft contain much of value, by comparison of houses. Treasures, coin, all manner of trinket and medicines, as well as valuable sacrificial prisoners. For the Daemons of the Void love nothing more than being offered a soul of the truly faithful to twist, taint and torture. Their will is strong, which means they may provide long entertainment before they finally break. Thieves and bandits as well, present a risk in more rural and even some urban churches.
Alternative Names
Priestess, Chaplain, Preacher
It is not only legal, it is beloved, seen as a great public service and worthy of honor and great respect.


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