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Boran the Bloodhound


"We will find you. If you seek to sow madness, to unleash the Black Mists. Know that we will find you."

Divine Domains

Nature, Stealth, Valor, Hunt, Good, Courage

Holy Books & Codes

Huntermaster's Guide

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Hunting Hound in full flight

Tenets of Faith

1. Justice for all
2. You stand to oppose all evil, regardless if law codes give you permission or not.
3. Show no fear in the face of monsters
4. You are a god damn professional.
5. Abyssal beings and cultists are to never be taken alive. Always given Hunt-master's Justice.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To stand against all darkness. To insure and protect the vulnerable, to seek and handle evil wherever you find it. To purge the influence of the Abyss, of the Black Mists, wherever you find it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Those of this order are master hunters and trackers. They oft seek the worst of the worst of society; rapists, murderers, slavers, Abyssal cultists and mages, and of course any problem beasts or monsters. Whether its because they've evaded the courts and law, or just they can't be found or it is to risky to take them alive. The Hunt-master's Justice will always catch up with you eventually.

Personality Characteristics


Too be the balance between law, and justice. The ceremony and mess of delegation, politics and compartmentalization of legal systems sometimes inhibit proper justice. We exist to offer a correction to this issue. We also stand to insure that the Black Mists never return. All heretics will be destroyed without question, without mercy.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Master of the Hunt, The Bloodhound, The Adjudicating Tracker
Canine like
Thick short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.0 meters
80 kgs
Aligned Organization


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