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Sandibari Spy Network

Sandibari make excellent spies. They are small enough to escape notice (and when they are noticed, they attract mainly annoyance, the way one would respond to a fly), and to the uninitiated, their clicking and chirping sounds hardly sound like a coherent language. They blend seamlessly into the background whether the background is a forest or not.   Not every Sandibari is a spy, of course. The majority are not, devoting themselves to a host of other causes. However, there is a web of Sandibari who are spies, which is spread across the entire inhabited galaxy. While many work for important military and political organizations, a contributor in the divides between Sandibari along the lines of the rest of the galaxy, some bend or break this rule by spreading information down the web and across the galaxy. Often this falls into enemy hands. Motivations to do this vary, from principle to profit, and given the aforementioned characteristics of the Sandibar language family, this is very hard to detect until the enemy does something that lets a given party know they were tipped off.   It is also, one should note, difficult to get Sandibari to snitch on each other, except in highly unusual cases such as the complex situation surrounding the Albarian and Mudeweian Sandibari, and which really spreads across the Nine Systems. The Sandibari there are extremely divided compared to the rest of the galaxy, and the situation is considered by the wider Sandibari community as volatile and in need of mending.

Public Agenda

It is ideal for the spy network that the public does not know they exist. When this is unavoidable for whatever reason, the best solution is considered to be laying low and waiting to be forgotten about.


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Jul 23, 2020 08:36 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This sounds like a really great spy network. I really like the details about their language and size. :)

Jul 24, 2020 19:45

Great thing about books is aliens can look like anything you want.