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Mudeweian Sandibari

These Sandibari live chiefly aboard Stenza ships and interact primarily or exclusively with Stenza crew, soldiers, and civilians. They've subsumed a fair number of ideals about pride, honor, and combat prowess, but if they ever do fight, it is chiefly amongst themselves for mates, food, or territory. However, as a piece of cultural identity, they take a good deal of pride in the fact that they speak the oldest known dialect of Sandibar, and in the history of Sandibar-Stenza as it brought them into space. As such, Mudeweian Sandibari tend to look down on other groups of Sandibari for diverging later in history than themselves. They tend to view themselves as having a more "pure" form of Sandibar than other groups, although Stenza who can understand this boasting typically have a comment on hand regarding the fact that "true Sandibar" has been all but lost to time because the Sandibari were too desperate to find a way to communicate with their northern neighbors.   Mudeweian Sandibari inhabit most Stenza ships, from the massive and imposing Lawgiver to the humblest shuttlecraft, excepting Drop Ships where the space is needed for drop pods instead. An amenable design was created based on their natural habitat, and the hull for them is climate-controlled at approximately seventy degrees, and kept at, depending on seasonal variance, 25-34% humidity. Soil is continually turned and moistened except when larvae burrow there to develop.   Because Sandibari languages are resistant to the Universal Translator, they are ideal for spies to use to communicate. However, due to their allegiances, Mudeweian Sandibari are likely to tattle to the ship's officers or even the closest guard if they detect any sort of thing going on in their ranks. This has created a schism between Mudeweian Sandibari and Muxteran Sandibari especially due to the latter's general support for the Muxteran Freedom Force. A smaller divide exists between Mudeweian Sandibari and Albarian Sandibari due to the latter's having been caught up in The "Cleansing" of Albar. These divides have mixed reviews among the Mudeweian Sandibari population, with many planet-bound Sandibari even flat insisting that ship-dwelling Sandibari become more "traditional" and try to help their less-fortunate brethren. Ship-dwellers in turn believe that trying to keep the Stenza's good graces is either morally right, or more important than anything else, for fear of being stranded on an uninhabitable world.


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