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This dialect of Sandibari is strictly used aboard Stenza ships, regardless of where they operate. It adopted the directness and sometimes martial character of Mudeweian Stenza and in turn taught the Stenza subtle twists in meaning (however, to this day, concepts of colors like green have yet to catch on).   One of the oldest Sandibar Languages, it originated as a lingua franca between the two populations for use when the Stenza migrated south every winter. Some of the first transactions done using this dialect involved trading of the poisonous-to-Sandibari 'Alashaia fruit, and evolved until the Sandibari could eloquently ask the Stenza, through an interpreter, to follow them into space. Since then, Sandibari have spread themselves across the galaxy, but many dialects retain Mudeweian features, ranging from grammatical gender rules to formal speech to honorifics.
Root Languages

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