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The Firebreathers

The Firebreathers are a group of Druids who are followers of the Circle of the Three Dragons, and are known to take the cosmology of the Three Dragons to heart in their actions. Understanding arcane magic as an essence that flows from Gaios, the dragon turned world, leads members of the Firebreathers to actively and aggressively oppose the use of arcane magic.


The Firebreathers are an anarchic "organization". Many druids of the Circle of Dragons may claim to be firebreathers without having any contact with other Firebreather Druids. In this way, the Firebreathers operate through small cells. However, there are also members of the Firebreathers who act as mentors and actively help new recruits. This tends to occur only if a member of the Firebreathers trusts that either Bahumut or Tiamat explicitly trusts the new recruit.   After sabotaging arcane magic use, Firebreathers often publicize the religious crusade they embarked on, hoping to recruit new Druid to the circle of Maji.


While the culture of the Firebreathers largely follows that of the Temple of the Three Dragons, they are a much more solitary group than most followers of the Temple of Dragons. This solitude is both a result of their druidic desire to be closer to nature, and a necessity for sabotaging one of the most powerful institutions of the land.

Public Agenda

The Firebreathers have a strong political agenda- to stop the use of potentially dangerous arcane magic. They go about achieving this agenda by actively sabotaging the council of magi in Kortharc.


The Firebreathers are a relatively new group in Kortharc politics, though they have had a regional presence in Geldarc for some time. Indeed, religios support for the Firebreathers has become extremely powerful in the Republic of Geldarc, and notable senators have openly professed their sympathy for the group. Geldarc thus tends to actively oppose any moves by the council of Maji to deal with the Firebreathers, even while allowing firebreathers to function like a police force throughout Geldarc.

Tenets of Faith

Protect life, Prevent the Arcane.


Preventing the use of arcane magic at great personal cost is held to be worthy of high praise. However, the killing of others is only loosely tolerated, accepted as an event of nature that is to be prevented if possible. In cases where the Firebreathers kill someone, they are likely to resurrect the person and remove their memories of everything related to the encounter.

Granted Divine Powers

See Circle of Dragons.
Religious, Druidic Circle
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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