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"A shocking twist in Sandressi this morning as the plebe class rows to victory against some of our Plankholders' finest in the first College regatta!" - The Evening Bos'n
    During the early morning hours of a crisp autumn day in 18AM, eighteen young men in two crews of nine set off in their boats to begin a grueling exercise and heart-wrenching competition. After incredible exertion by both sides, the plebe class of the Naval War College came out victorious by ten seconds over a crew of The Litoric Islands' highest-born sons. Such an embarrassing upset was a shock to this group of privileged young men, who vowed never to let it happen again.
  Calling their new organisation The Ripples Club, thus named for the only thing the competition will see of their boats in the future, they dedicated themselves to excellence in sport, and perhaps more subtly, the reinforcement of social strata in the largely meritorious Naval War College.


  Sporting their easily recognisable colors of purple and white, the average Ripples member can be found in class with most students or around campus during expectant hours. However, in the early morning one must be on their guard lest they catch Ripplers returning to the dormitories from late-night revelry. The evening, excluding predictable study times, for one of these young men normally involves a dinner with all the members before retiring to their clubhouse to drink, socialise, and most importantly, to plan for an end-of-year prank more confounding than the last. By virtue of, in equal measure, birth and how much of a tradition they have become, chastisement and punishment for the breaking of College rules is exceedingly rare. The only prank to lead to punishment was the theft of the TAS Cartwright, which Ripple Club members managed to slip from port in Caletta, many miles from Sandressi, crew the 600 man vessel entirely themselves, and sail it to the practice grounds of a rival crew team. While the brains behind the operation received a reduction in grade, local press and many students saw it as a feat of excellent seamanship. With a twist of humor, the Commandant assigned many Ripplers to the Cartwright that year.
"Two Ripples Club members were detained by Port Authority watchmen today after a drunken row left three windows smashed on Angelo Street. Of course, they were promptly released." - The Evening Bos'n

Contrary to the original intent of excellence mixed with humor and revelry, today the club seems to be more focused on the latter. The most covert means must be undertaken to even reserve a restaurant for a club-wide dinner, and College staff keep their eyes peeled at night for signs of mischief. Numbers have dropped as the meritorious tenants of the Litoric Islands evolved after, former Rippler, Argono Vivaldi's tenure as High Admiral.

Known Members

  • High Admiral Argono Vivaldi
  • Prince Calcico Fiorentino II
  • High Admiral Iane de Auria

"Swelling Up"

Social, Clique
Alternative Names
The Ripples Club


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