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Author's Note

  The world of Wyria is an ambitiously large project for one, rather unprofessional, author. The only nation receiving frequent updates is Anhara, my present focus.  


  Wyria is a fantasy world full of diverse nations and cultures. Scattered across the known world are, at the moment, five loosely united nations. Once upon a time, each land was ruled over by a god, during the first age of the world, the Age of Rule.   Now, left to their own devices, the Age of Men marches on.  


  While the deserts of al-Tahat may look foreboding to most, hidden within them is a profound beauty. Named for their divine ruler of old, Tahat not only represented the vicissitudes of Time, but its ability to preserve as well. It is a land of poetry, lost cultures survived only by story, and diverse tribes. Scattered across it are so many different city-states, nomads, and countries that it can hardly be called a nation at all.  


  Ruled over by Vestria in days of old, the goddess of oratory and etiquette left her mark firmly upon the culture of her land. Full to the brim of squabbling Noble Houses, pontificating Rhetors, and decadent wealth, Anhara is a land of proud tradition.   Officially ruled over by the Rostrum, a group of speakers from the most prominent noble houses, Anhara more often than not seems to be a free-for-all. The land of winds and words is a dangerous place, however, so be sure to respect its rules of etiquette and hierarchy.  

Panag Rho

  Too wild even for a ruling god, Panag Rho is a dense jungle, full of mystery and oddity. Time is a haze as thick as the humid air here, and the traditions of its many clans seem barbarically foreign to the traveler. But to those of Panag Rho itself, it is the garden of the gods, and they are its keepers.   Devoted to the goddess of nature, Mae, the Rhogues respect the natural world, and seek to bend nature to their will in the great primordial jungle. Hardly ruled at all, the clans of Panag Rho pay varying degrees of homage to the Guide, the spiritual leader of the nation, but generally follow the rule of their local priests until the prayed for return of Mae.  

The Litoric Islands

  They had a complicated relationship throughout the Age of Rule, but the dozens of island-based city-states of the Litoric Islands have exploded in change during the Age of Men. With the departure of their controlling goddess, Petrina, they are free to coalesce into the greatest naval and mercantile power the world has ever seen.   United under the military rule of the Admiralty Board, the Litoric Islands remain somewhat decentralized, but have never failed to pull together against any foreign threat. Separately, they are a diverse ecosystem of cultures and peoples, but together they rule the seas.  

The Boreal North

  Perhaps one of the least defined nations, the Boreal North is made up of a number of tribes. Some live in the frozen tundra, some beneath great sheets of ice, and some dominate the plains of the south on horseback. They face a new threat from the coasts, as the Litoric Islands creep in from their base at Coldharbor, and Anhara establishes Whaling Colonies in the east.
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