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  When Vestria first began her rule over Anhara, the greatest speakers of the nation naturally gravitated towards her, as flattery was the premier method for getting ahead. These silver-tongued men went on to become the legendary founders of the noble houses of Anhara, and were designated by the goddess to rule over particular regions of the nation. Due to her fickle nature, the Patriarchs of these great houses saw fit to establish their own council across Lake Mira from the Vestrial Tower so as to best coordinate their approach to winning Vestria's favor on matters. This group eventually grew to become the Rostrum, seated at the Debate Hall in Meridia, and coordinated the overall government of the nation.   Sitting upon the Rostrum were the Rhetors, representatives chosen by each major noble house. In the early history of Anhara, these were almost always the Patriarchs of the noble houses, however as it grew less and less convenient to go from Meridia to climb the Vestrial Tower, the noble houses sent younger, dignified, members to impress their desires upon Vestria. Today, the selection of Rhetors is up to the tradition of each noble house, with some Patriarchs appointing themselves, some sending their heir, and so forth.  


  Sitting on the Rostrum, Rhetors are tasked with representing the interests of their individual houses in all votes. Despite technically forming the national legislature, votes typically take the form of self-interested affairs, where opposition to or endorsement of bills are couched in flowery language, but in reality based around what is best for the family. However, it is not at all unusual for the airs surrounding the title and tradition of Rhetor to imbue the holder with feelings higher than their own interest, and raise them to national thought. In a land that glorifies speakers and their words, the Rhetor represents the right of nobility to continue to rule, and must present an enlightened face to the people so as to uphold the societal divisions in Anhara.
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