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Gentlemen's Club

It's so boring to stand on top sometimes. Imagine having all you could ever hope for: wealth, influence, power. What is there to long for? Well, finding fun things to do is what the Gentlemen's Club is all about.
No matter how high is your standing, there is only one way to get into the Gentlemen's Club. You have to be invited, vouched for by at least three members. If you get accepted, many doors of the world's most important people get opened to you. There are few rules in the Club, the key of them being a very simple one — you are to never intentionally ruin another Gentleman's fun. After all, having fun is the main reason all those powerful individuals even join the Club. You are also expected to always uphold your end of a bargain as a Gentlemen.


All members of the Club are considered equals, with no exceptions. Their age, their sex, even their race — none of that matters. If you were accepted into the Club, you are a Gentleman. Point. Should it be necessary, members of the Club make their decisions by open vote. However, they do have a President, who is elected in the same way and acts as an organiser of Club meetings. Such meetings decide, among other things, on the candidates to join the Club — or expelling those who have ignored or betrayed its interests.


The assets of the Club are the combined assets of its members — that is, those of its members who are interested in that particular affair. Which usually is just a few of them, if any. After all, there are so many things to keep an eye on, and Gentlemen are not particularly numerous. However, should the Club have a general meeting, its decisions are something that can topple kings and nations alike.

"The World is a Theater"

Social, Group
Leader Title


There are no set activities that every member is required to take part in. If Gentlemen of the Club want to have some fun, they better come up with an idea themselves. Sure, there are yearly meetings, but nobody is obliged to visit those meetings — except for the President, of course.   Members of the Club often engage in bets with each other. They could pick an interesting individual and watch him or her pass various challenges, often orchestrated by the Gentlemen themselves. Grand events are another common topic of debates, followed by bets. And few people would be left unaffected by the order of wealth at stake in such bets. Sometimes, they even hunt down deities for fun.

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