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The Azure TIde

The city of Dunwald as recently launched a renewed, strengthened campaign against the criminal underground that has long plagued the city. Newly secured trade deals have led to greater funded for their guard force, and tightened security and new incentives for citizens to report crimes and get involved look to be leading the city in a new, better direction.   But beneath the surface, these new reforms hold a darker side. The Azure Tide, already the most powerful of the thieves guilds that control the city's underside, has worked their way into the city's leadership. With a member in the king's advisory and the captain of the guard in their pocket, this new crusade does indeed stand to rid the city of its criminal underground - every guild but one. The Azure Tide has positioned themselves to take near complete control of the city once their competition has been wiped out by the city's law enforcement, while the population remains none the wiser.     There aren't many types of crime the Azure Tide doesn't have their hand in. From smuggling to outright theft, bribery, blackmail, kidnapping, and even on rare occasions murder, the Azure Tide has no moral compass but money and power.   The guild has a tiered structure, but even the lower tiers of members are highly trained and proven; the Azure Tide does not tolerate failure or incompetence, and is quick to root it out before one is even able to be counted a member. At the highest level, there are three who hold the true power in the guild. Known as the Tide Masters, everything the guild does goes through them in some capacity, and they trust only themselves to handle the most delicate of operations.   According to the rumors, they hold great power beyond just that over the guild and the city. It is said the they hold great power either arcane, otherworldly, or both. There exist the faintest whispers of a conspricity that runs ever deeper, even more than their bid to control the whole of Dunwald.
Guild, Thieves

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