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Cult of Helios

The Cult of Helios is a religious organisation based on the belief that humans came from a star system called Helios and that originated on a planet called Gaia.


Led by the almost-eternal Geoffry Heffe the Cult of Helios influences policy and decisions amongst the stars of the The Reach
  The belief is based on ancient writings found on the corrupted data of the Generation Ship London at the London System.
  According to those writings man kind was faced with a terrible decision as the "Dying Helios" spread it's flare or light into the ether. As a final act humanitys' best were placed into 5 "Arks" (colony ships) which were sent to the infinite stars to seed humanist on new planets.


The Cultists of Helios believe that there will be a day that their Saviour Geoffry Heffe will lead them back to their homeworld and that they will reunite with the all-knowng ancients who saved them from wrath of their beloved god.

The Headquarters

The Cult of Helio's headquarters in London High is in fact the redesigned and refurbished remains of the Colony Ship U.E.F London. The Cult is in control of all seven planets on the London Starsystem and all the Hotels and entertainment complexes on the planet.

The Chapels

The Cult has regional headquarters in most Inner Rim worlds called Chapels. According to the decision OoH131/3 of the Accord Assembly. The Chapels of the Cult are considered their sovereign territory and regardless of the ownership of the world, the area of the Chapels is sacred and unpassable ground for anyone without permission.

Helios est Primus

Founding Date
623 AFL
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Helios Children Church, Geoffrey's Children
Heliot, Heliotittes
Controlled Territories
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