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The Antikathonum

Almost 2000 years ago an underground alliance representing all the ancestories of the world united to oppose the K'thonum and free everyone from slavery. While the plot failed to completely drive the K'thonum from this dimension it did shatter their grip on it, and also accidentally caused the Great Darkening. Now freed, the civilizations of the world began to thrive, but the alliance known as the Antikathonum continued to act, concealing itself and erasing artifacts of the K'thonum that might be used to reassert their hold on the world. In order to keep the previous K'thonum worshiping cults from coming back, they concealed themselves and any evidence that the K'thonum still existed. The Anitkathonum consider their mission to be above any other law, for without their actions, no laws would exist, only K'Thonum rule. They tend to be fair about their acts and indeed breaking too many laws might accidentally reveal their continued existence to both K'Thonum and the rest of the world. The Antikathonum have no qualms about acting in any way they need to in order to preserve the freedom of the world. They started the "Blaze of Londinium" 100 years or so ago and also have been known to depose or terminate royal families that might be tainted by K'Thonum control. Currently the Antikathonum are a small organization sticking mainly to settled areas of the Western Kingdoms. They are coming to realize that expeditions to the Dark Coast and continued contact with the remaining K'Thonum simply will not cease. Instead they are shifting their focus some to slow and controlled growth and training of a larger network of agents. The are slowly deploying them to more "forward" positions in ports across the Western Ocean. These forward agents have a tendency to act more overtly, but hide their acts behind other devices like piracy, guilds, and even false flag spy rings. They have been known to act as patrons for explorers so they might control some of the narrative. Ultimately the Antikathonum are still torn about letting the existence of the K'Thonum be revealed. The leadership is unsure if acting to quash cults devoted to K'Thonum worship would be easier than quashing the knowledge of the continued existence of the ancient evil masters of the world.
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