Atlantica Fantasy Swashbuckling and Dark Horror

August 8th, 1425 Post Deorum

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Today, you are boarding a pirate ship that you lured close enough to capture for the bounty.   Tomorrow you will explore a ruin so profoundly evil you will feel oily down to your soul.   Next week you will be back in port, hurdy-gurdy in hand, celebrating your victories, while the tavern staff listen in to your conversation for something to sell to the spies in port.   Atlantica is an "Age of Sail" fantasy setting that focuses on the exploration of the newly discovered continent of Atlantica. Set in a world that looks a lot like ours. This is a setting for fantasy pirates, dark and evil lost ruins, and occasionally intrigue amongst the world powers.   Come and play in an ever evolving and rich world. Will you be a halfling sea captain? A dwarven researcher? A human rogue with a heart of gold?.
If J.R.R Tolkien, Robert Howard, Gary Gygax and several 18th-century sailing authors got together and had a literary baby, this would be it!   ~Anonymous Literary Critic who doesn't actually exist.