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Shadow Writers


There is no official structure within most of the organization, however there is a ruling council that is located in the Black Tower. These are the oldest members of the organization and send out their orders in Shadow Code though out the world so that there is one clear message.

Public Agenda

As the organization is hidden form the public eye there is no official "public agenda" but to those on the inside there are a few main goals of the organization. The clear main goal is to maintain order of the land, they are puppet masters trying to keep power in the land. They to keep the world a saver place dealing with conflicts to avoid wars and navigating peaceful solutions over most problems.


Officially the organization have no assets because officially they do not exist. However the organization has many rich and powerful members who among them own some of them more important buildings in the world. Their head quarters Black Tower is one such building.


One of the oldest organizations in the world, it was founded shortly after the fall of the Greenfall City Council when many of the rich families in the region that were not in favor of the monarchy banded together. They started to anonymously write letters to spread lies about the rulers, their campaign against the monarch was a failure.    After it was clear that the pamphlets written were not working, they changed tactics. They started to weave their way into the government, soon becoming the main advisers to the king. From there the organization remained to work in secret spending decades insuring it was one of their members who had the ear of the king.    The organization grew and as members left the city the started to do the same thing else wear. Though out the many centuries that they have existed they had spread to most of the nations and settlements in the world. To this day they remain secret though most people have at least heard rumors or tales or its existence.

Open your ears to the whispers

Founding Date
Secret, Government
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