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The Archons of Lunis

As a social class, The Archons occupied the highest strata of Luniite society, answerable only to The Tyrants and The Absolute Itself, with considerably more influence than the noble Notari beneath them. Their primary function was as "patrons of infinity", the Luniite equivalent of a priestly or devotional class, albeit radically different from what we would consider ecclesiastic in our world. In rare cases, they served as reluctant generals in the wars against the Half-Men of the north and south. But generally, they lived a life of pleasure--hunting, jousting, and luxuriating in their opulence, pursuing the liberation of their sexuality, and satiating their predilection for violence.   Unlike The Tyrants, The Archons had no magical "ceremony" to alter their appearance. Instead, they dressed elaborately, increasing their height, and intensifying their natural menace. Tall, conical headpieces were common among both men and women, as were meshed visors and coats of black, purple. They often painted their faces to represents the demons of Nymmish myth. They were armed at all times, usually, with swords, glaives, or diamond flails, although they seldom used these in self-defense, preferring to assault the Skunlynn and others below them.  Sometimes, usually during festivals, they substituted their darker attire with luminous, polychromatic cloaks that were said to have hypnotic qualities.   The Archons had no family structure. They took concubines from both the Notari and Skunlynn and their resulting heirs--future Archons--were chosen, or promoted, by whichever Tyrant they served. Monogamy and marriage were unknown. Most were bisexual. Many participated in the semi-religious Rites of Nymm, which further enhanced their physical and mental capacities through the imbibing of ceremonial roots and flowers, and through long periods of chanting, meditation, and hallucinatory trance. In the last days of Lunis, it was found that these rites, and the substances involved in their performance, had ultimately tainted the Archon's reason. As the last war came, many members of the ruling class became mildly insane. Pursuing the rites of Nymm also seduced some Archons down darker occult paths.   As with all who lived in Luniis, The Archons were part of the cosmic Law that The Absolute had spoken to create their civilization. But in practice, they were above any reasonable code of conduct or standard of mores. If an aspect of The Law (nebulous at the best of times) conflicted with their decadence, they simply reinterpreted it or suppressed those who objected. By the end of Luniis, they were a thoroughly corrupt institution, given to perversity and cruelty. Throughout their reign, they cut mysterious, threatening, semi-mortal figures and inspired fear and awe in equal measure. Ultimately, it was The Absolute's inexplicable absence that permitted their behavior.

To Guard Infinity

With the Birth of Lunis: The Reading of The Law - With The Fall of Lunis and the Shredding of The Law

Social, Group
Alternative Names
The Decadents


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