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Arcanum Protectorate

The Arcanum Protectorate is a secret order of elite spellcasters and loremasters dedicated to the collection, preservation, and redistribution of spells, magic items and artifacts throughout the multiverse. They are essentially the guardians of all things magical yet remain neutral to who and how it magic is used. Their main goal is to ensure magic continued existence in the multiverse. They would not move against someone using magic with evil intent or nefarious purposes. The Protectorate would however move against someone who put the existence of magic or the multiverse at large in jeopardy.   One does not strive to become an Arcanum Protectorate as the order is virtually unknown outside of it members. New members are selected by the semi-conscious City of Seeing that keeps an active "eye" for potential new members as it watches over the multiverse. Once the City has identified a candidate it dispatched a Protectorate to escort them the the City of Seeing for an admission hearing. An admission hearing consists of a potential candidate going before the the council.


The Arcanum Protectorate is governed by a council of twelve seats on for each of the deities of magic who contributed a portion of their power to the city's creation. These twelve are the wisest and most powerful members of the order.   it currently has four hundred and eighteen members. This is a relatively small number considering what a Protectorates primary mandate is.


All members have the belief that magic requires documenting, guarding and protecting. That it is their mandate and duty to ensure and maintain the no harm that these things happen.

Public Agenda

The members of Arcanum Protectorate travel both time and the multiverse to ensure the essence of magic remains consistent. They travel in secret and avoid interacting with when on missions for the City of Seeing.


The Arcanum Protectorate own the chain of magic shops known as the The Grandiose Arcanus. With outlets all over the multiverse The Arcanum Protectorate generates far more revenue than it would ever need. Some of the money stays with the order in what has become quite a wealthy hoard. Some is used to reimburse its members for expenses while in the field. The best expenditure of the revenue is when its used to help establish new arcane school or universities or repair and/or upgrade older institutions across the multiverse.
Secret, Brotherhood
Controlled Territories


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