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Sun Dial

This place has... light, something the rest of this world has not of. It's beautiful. The colors, the people here are so nice I can't imagine leaving here.
-Tourist Ned

The Branded keep the holy city of thars locked up good'n tight. They don't let 'ny of us Fellen in thar, it sure would be nice to see what sunlight looked like, but I'm justa lonely Tavernkeep. So, what'll ya like to drink? 
Loranly Dwarven Taverkeeper/ Iron Bar spy


The Sun Lord is at the top as leader just under the diety itself, then it goes the Sunshadow mages and then the followers or "Flare Skinned" by everyone else.


The Followers see humans as the one true race that should exist because they are touched by the purity of the sun Astra, everything else has been corrupted by the moon and needs to be extinct in order for the humans to live on and prosper. The Sun shall guide them to the day when a battle of holy and righteous intent will rule out the corrupt and then and only then can humane life continue to live.

Public Agenda

Promise to eradicate all of the troubles the Fellen have brought upon this world and to restore the sun in the sky.


large sums of gold and an ivory building call the Solar Palace. Military troops called The Branded.


When the first meetings began is 2059, it was a lot of people sitting in a room and complaining until Damen wanted action, not words. He then organized brutal public punishments of the various Fellen in Felwind. After that others began to join and with that a military unit needed to be made, The Branded.

Demography and Population

The humans may pass and go with ease whereas the Fellen are not allowed to be anywhere near the palace borders or they will be executed immediately. When inside the palace borders you can see diverse people of humans and has a dome that produces unnatural sunlight where, when you look at it from the outside it looks like the palace has an unnatural light to it.


All of the northern side of Felwind. It has been forcefully held there by the brutal warriors, The Branded, to ensure the borders don't slip or fall back. When a human wants to enter the city to join the cult they are taken directly to the Sun Lord himself.


The main military unit is called the Branded.


Only one religion is present and is the Sun Dial

The Sun Shall Guide You.

Founding Date
29th of July 2059
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of Astra, The Burned Moon
Flare Skinned
Leader Title
Government System
Economic System
Gift economy
Legislative Body
The Solar Court, which consists of the Sun Lord and all of the Sunshadow mages.
Judicial Body
Sun Lord
Permeated Organizations

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