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Prompt 20: The Seekers of the Forge

The seekers of the forge started as a small cult that grew into a proper religion. Taking hold at the heart of Salire and playing a role in the development of the forge masters profession. The seekers focus on the pursuit of knowledge has made them a necessary evil for the nobles of Salire. The greater empire allows them a wide birth as long as they don't dabble with forbidden magic.   Their connection with the pursuit of technology has had them take part in many of the investigations of ancient ruins. Both because they are willing to fund such pursuits and their unparalleled knowledge of ancient technology. They are even allowed to research and safeguard the technology that is considered too dangerous to have floating around.


Master Seeker:   The Master Seeker is the highest rank within the Seekers of the Forge. Chosen to guide the order in their pursuit of knowledge and negotiate with outsiders to further their goals. A master seeker rules till their death where their chosen will take up their position in their passing.       High Seeker:   They are the ones gifted with the knowledge and plans of the Master Seeker. Taking action to bring forth the better world by aiding in the hunt or development of advanced technology. Many High Seekers will be stationed in different areas where they would handle any operations or spread the word to gain followers.   Seeker:   Apprentice Seeker:   Followers:


The Seekers of the Forge believe that technology will bring balance to the world. They practice this belief by seeking out ancient technology and repurposing it for the people of today. They also feel that we should value the creations of the now as that is what matters in building a future for themselves.

Technology will bring balance to the world.

Religious, Organised Religion


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