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Bastion of the Inevitable

Divine Origins

The Bastion of the Inevitable is a militant order of the faith of Hosia founded in the Wild Baronies in central Lerias. The church was founded by the followers of St. Ferrante, a priest of Hosia, who spent much of his life battling a powerful wild demon lord known as Kahabros, the beast. Their holy book was written by his followers and details Ferrante’s teachings and his battle against Kahabros. After the defeat of Kahabros, the book states that Ferrante left the Wild Baronies, and travel across Lerias to bring the knowledge of the demons of the Black Gate to the other people of the continent. It is believed by the faithful that Ferrante still wanders the world smiting the forces of evil.

Tenets of Faith

The belief of the Bastion is that Hosia calls all people to battle the forces of the Abyss wherever it is found. They see the Abyss as the primary force of chaos that seeks to destroy all of creation and their service to the Lord of the Sun Throne requires them to battle against its forces as every opportunity.   They hold that battle is an offering to Hosia, and that it is his will for them to use the powers of the Sun Throne to destroy all those that stand against the truth of the church and the inevitable order of existence. They see themselves as the righteous hand of fate itself, and are the highest authority both mortal and divine in any place where they hold sway.


The Bastion of the Inevitable are filled with War priests and Paladins of Vengence, but any faithful of Hosia who are willing to take up the sword against the forces of the Abyss are welcome.   Unlike many other sects of Hosia, the Bastion of the Inevitable does not have any prohibitions against material wealth, and draw many converts from the less fortunate in the Wild Baronies who see the path of the Bastion as a means of gaining earthly wealth. While many of these converts do not last long in the dangerous calling of the Bastion, they do keep the numbers of the order high in the face of an infinite enemy.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Due to the usefulness of the Bastion in the dangerous lands of the Wild Baronies, few of the local lords wish to alienate the war priests. As such, the Bastion has many allies and is allowed considerable leeway to carry out their agenda throughout the Baronies without interference of the various nobles.   This has also brought the order considerable wealth as they hire themselves out as caravan guards which helps facilitate trade across the untamed wilderness.
Religious, Sect

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