The Order of Azhmar

The Order of Azhmar are an organization of men and women dedicated to studying the natural and magical arts. They are not bound by any one nation, nor species; and take up residence in the Obsequious Tower in the foothills of the northern mountainous region of the Shoan Province in the Country of Artwin. Members wear various colors of robes and cords to distinguish between their studies of emphasis and specialty. It is not uncommon for instance, to observe a wizard cloaked in green, signifying herbology and botany, coupled with a yellow cord to indicate a familiarity with medicine.


The internal organizational structure of the order is known only to the members themselves. Outside of some of the professions portrayed by the cloth of the Azhmerian themselves, not much else is known about the order. As far as the colored robes themselves, the greens and yellows and the most commonly sighted outside the tower, and most reputed professions. Many sick and dying have gone to the Gates of Azhmar to beg for salvation from their rank. Blue robed Azhmerian Wizards are more infrequently seen. Their specialty lies in the arts of chemistry, alchemy and potions. Even less common robes such as white, red, orange, and even purple have been noted, however their professions are unkonwn.


Not much can be said of the culture of the Azhmerian without experiencing the life of one of their rank from within. Individual wizards periodically roam throughout the Artwinian countryside for some errand or expedition, as do many yellow robed wizards; however reports of the interactions appear to vary significantly in terms of hostility and approachability. For the most part, it would seem that the culture of Azhmerians embody the Axiom engraved on the Obsequious gateway; in all things dedicated to their craft.


The Obsequious Tower has remained a refuge for practitioners of magic for a millennia. Throughout the early centuries the tower remained undisturbed; word of a haven for study and practice spread slowly by mouth, and soon the Azhmeirian or Wondering Wizards - as they came to be called - had gained a reputation throughout the northwestern regions of the world. A nearby city state rose earlier to power than its contemporaries and began establishing outlying villages, townships, and eventually small cities in the region. Finally, the newly founded nation encroached upon the Obsequious Tower, the surrounding land all declared for the state. Five legions of the Golheim army camped at the Gates of Azhmar for two nights. On the morning of the third day, the Gates opened and three white robed wizards emerged; the only moment in history their color has been seen outside the tower. Some firsthand accounts claim that the wizards called upon a firestorm to rain down from the sky, others say that the ground opened beneath entire battalions and swallowed them whole. Fire tornadoes, hurricanes, great spirits or demons, soldiers bursting like sausage in their armor; by all accounts whatever power unleashed by the three wizards was unimaginable. And slaughtered the Golheim army almost to the man. This event later became known as the Battle of the Gates of Azhmar  . After this event the wizards lost the trust of many of the peoples in the surrounding regions, and by and large became more isolated and secluded to their tower. Many nations have come and gone in the centuries since, but seldom few have ever publicly suggested moving against the Azhmerian Wizards.

In Service, to Practice

Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
The Wizards of Azhmar, Azhmerian Wizards, Wondering Wizards, Wizards of the Black Tower
Neighboring Nations


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