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North American Werewolf Confederacy

The North American Werewolf Confederacy is a loosely-aligned amalgam of the werewolf packs of the continent. The majority of these are Hereditary Packs but the nature of western expansion in the United States has allowed for several Bachelor Packs to have developed on the West coast. This is a fairly unique scenario in the world, as the vast majority of established packs on other continents have been at least nominally associated with a singular alpha family, though many of them did begin with similar humble beginnings they have been legitimized due to the length of their tenure.   At the time the Council of Supernatural Peoples was created, the werewolves had a significant jump on the other major co-signing races as they were of the temperament to emigrate to new places and physically capable of doing so across great distances. The Migratory Fae were also some of the first to come across the Atlantic to the colonies, but werewolves had the advantage of their increased constitution and social nature to develop packs in the new world quickly and organize. There were several transplants of hereditary pack extensions - bachelor packs founded out of the young excess males of an existing pack who then moved with their pack's blessing to expand and claim more territory under the same name. This was particularly common among Spanish wolves who would typically form packs as missions were built and Spanish territory in North America expanded. The Guadalupe Pack in North America is an extension of the Guadalupe Pack of Spain, which has five other such extensions throughout the Americas. The French initially followed the same pattern, but war led to many of these being recalled home, leaving their territories unguarded. The final nail in the coffin for French werewolves in the United States was political revolution as their mother packs in France were largely wealthy land owners threatened by the upheaval. By the time Yves White-Bellamy arrived in the United States in 1804 the port of New Orleans and surrounding territory was no longer controlled by French wolves.    When the Council of Supernatural Peoples was founded and the North American Accords Handbook first created, werewolves had a significant advantage at the bargaining table that the other races felt would turn out to be less significant over time. They were land-holders and many of the duties of ensuring the accords were followed fell upon them as the Territorial Fae had not yet been established. This was an immediate problem due to the lack of representation of the North American Indigenous Wolves who were understandably at war with the invading European wolf packs, mainly due to significant ideological differences. As the United States expanded farther westward and more packs developed and invaded, the council had difficulties in stopping the wholesale slaughter of the indigenous wolf packs. The creation of the first Indigenous Packland in the Dakotas was considered a major win against werewolf supremacy in the council, but the immediate political decision by the indigenous wolves to isolate and refuse to sign any agreement short of true non-interference did not incorporate a new voice to counteract that of the Werewolf Confederacy and the lack of contact with these packlands eventually lead to several violations in which these protected packlands were raided.
The rest of the council realized at that time that there was little they could do to stand up to their werewolf counterparts and used this opportunity to insist upon their own leadership structures based in every pack territory, leaning upon the werewolves' policy of public spaces being neutral. Thus, Vampires developed a Nest in every capitol city in every state not otherwise covered by indigenous packlands and the territorial fae formed Fae Custodial Councils to serve the same function. Together, the other two species have worked to leverage the werewolves' natural competitive tendencies to their advantage and a relative peace has been kept.    However, major moral arguments especially regarding the treatment of Novas and Primas have simply been ignored, despite multiple calls for a moratorium. Some packs have been willing to join in the outcry, forming the Society of Werewolves for Modernization and Ethical Treatment and calling for an end to the barbarism they view as outdated and unnecessary. This is mostly comprised of younger werewolves, specifically bachelor packs who do not benefit from the current Bride Market. However, the fact remains that even without a wholly united front, the Werewolf Confederacy is simply too powerful to be effectively held accountable by any means. Even intervention from their mother packs in Europe has not been effective.
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