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Abizin Loyalists

The Abizin Loyalists are a political faction in Kinilan that seek to restore the monarchy of centuries passed. They are largely made up of the nobility, and are concentrated around the holdings of three powerful families, the Attar, the Nechtan, and the Andraste. These were three of the most powerful noble families prior to the Kinilan Revolution, and due to their strength being concentrated in more rural areas, they survived the revolution with minimal losses. Though their legal authority has largely been eroded by government reforms, they retain enough wealth, through a combination of enormous reserves and control over rare and valuable trade goods, to make them effectively immune to the law. Travel in and out of their holdings is closely watched by their private armies - which they maintained throughout the Great War - and workers trapped within these borders are still treated as serfs, despite the laws that protect the working class elsewhere.   Ironically, the royal family of Abizin has adapted well to the changes imposed by the government, and has publicly supported their rule since the first decade of the Great War. None of the surviving members of the family even want the throne that the supposed Abizin Loyalists would see restored.

Founding Members

House Attar is a noble family best known for their dominant control on the perfume trade, run almost entirely sustainably out of their labs and greenhouses on the heavily fortified Attar Estate.  Their main contribution to the Loyalists is their significant standing army and the fortifications of their estate, which provide a highly defensible position if things ever reach a point of open warfare.   House Nechtan is best known for their fondness for the arts, though few outsiders recognize that this is their primary source of revenue.  They have a powerful and well embedded organization of spies known as The Whisper, who provide protection for travelling performers under their employ, recruit new performers that show talent, and collect information on events happening throughout Kinilan.  It is this spy organization and their ability to collect information and send messages in secret that is their primary contribution to the Loyalists cause.   House Andraste is the most well known producer of wine in the world, let alone the country of Kinilan.  Their international reputation provides the Loyalists a degree of legitimacy in the international community that they would otherwise lack, making it difficult for the government of Kinilan to make any overt moves against them.


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