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South Andor Corporation (S.A.C.)

Not only is this organization, but they are the law in the regions they control. They have incredible economic and political power over not only the region, but the known world. Their people are typically pretty happy but huge inequalities in wealth exist in many of their cities.


A group of 7 people, the 7 Partners, rule the corporation and the regions as a whole. Elected or appointed governors, on the other hand, control local matters. New additions to the 7 Partners are voted in by those who are left.


Because they occupy many different and unique regions, there is little uniform culture across their lands.

Public Agenda

The 7 Partners simply want to make more money. They understand that they can make the most money when their citizens are prosperous and are buying/producing things, mostly from and for the S.A.C.


They hold vast stores of gold and other valuable resources in numerous heavily guarded vaults on islands and on mountainsides.


It was founded when 7 merchants began transporting people and goods across the Bosco Route. They soon created a near monopoly over the busy route and became quite wealthy because of it. They then took control of the area using hired soldiers. They continued to gain new territories through military or economic coercion as well as port cities hoping to become wealthier.


The South Andor Corporation holds numerous territories, some of them are:
  • Bosco Island
  • The Hesken Sound
  • Bazlar at the mouth of the Pohan River
  • Alden and Vireo of Baderia (under more economic control)
  • The more Northern port city of Alfaro
  • The Bosco Route (from Balzar to The Hesken Sound
  • And other smaller port cities


The S.A.C. has a fairly strong military that it tries to use as little as possible because war is expensive. The main role of the military is to guard and control important trade routes as well as protect important people and cargo. Because of this, the majority of the military is made up of ships and guardsmen who see very little action. To discourage rebellions, the military is made to seem much larger and more intimidating than it really is.


The S.A.C. and the 7 Partners really don't care what religion you practice as long as you are continuing to help them make money. Also, because of their diverse land holdings, the religions are vastly different from one city to another. This has created small problems in the past where cities tried to pass religious laws that went against the S.A.C.'s laws.

Foreign Relations

Generally quite positive because other nations need to use them for trade and they hold near monopolies on various resources and routes.

Agriculture & Industry

The actual corporation itself does very little manufacturing outside of its own military and ships. Instead, they just kind of take over areas with manufacturing and then have some control over the manufacturing of goods. Likewise, they don't produce or grow anything but trade lots and lots of mined, collected, and grown goods. With this near monopoly on transportation, particularly around the South Andor, they basically control most of the industries. They also operate outside of the areas they control, shipping goods from city to city and nation to nation.

Trade & Transport

To transport goods, the S.A.C. mainly uses ships. They send goods all over the known world and even sometimes venture out into the unknown. Most of their business, however, happens within the Andor Sea where the population and trade routes are concentrated. They also trade lots of goods over the Bosco Route which they completely control. They force people to either have them transport goods on the route or charge a lot for people to transport it themselves. The Route runs from Balzar to the Heskem Sound through the Bosco islands and the sometimes exposed bits of land that connects it to the mainland.


Similar to other things, education varies significantly across the regions they occupy because of limited central political power. The S.A.C. is a fan of people getting educated because they are more productive workers and can buy more things. They have a University on Bosco Island that is free to attend to encourage as many people as possible to attend.   Because of large systemic inequalities in almost every city they occupy, except Alden, education levels vary greatly and many can't even afford to go to University because they can't stop working for even a year.


The S.A.C. invests heavily into the infrastructure of every town they occupy, particularly any manufacturing or shipping areas. This can be really enticing to many cities and leaders and is a big reason why main allow them to occupy. It is also beneficial to the S.A.C. as they are more efficient and therefore wealthier when the roads and ports are good.

Bringing Prosperity to All

Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
S.A.C., insultingly pronounced as Sack
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Legislative Body
The 7 Partners, or simply The 7, write and vote on every national law or rule. Local governors, however, are free to create their own legislative bodies, laws, and rules. The S.A.C. holds the ability to strike down any of these laws but rarely do because it could enrage the people. The governors are also often appointed by or helped elected by the S.A.C. so they usually agree with them. The governors tend to be very popular people and can sway the opinions of the people.
Judicial Body
Every city or region has an appointed judge that interprets both national and local law. Unlike the governors, these judges are typically quite unpopular and have been a point of contention between the S.A.C. and its inhabitants. Despite the opposition to them, the 7 Partners refuse to change this system because it is crucial to them keeping order across their nation. No matter what laws local governments create, the judges can interpret them differently.

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