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The Adelvo Society for the Unrestful

Prompt 20 of WA SummerCamp 2020: Write about an organization in your world that has become so powerful it's above the law.
Drien kept his feet over the chair, expecting the return of his machine. He looked at the screens as he looked for any number changing, receiving static images as a response.  
The earth shook and rumbled as the humongous mechanical remorhaz opened a hole on the wall, next to the one he had left prepared for it. He'd need to calibrate the creature again or, at least, teach it some manners.  
He got down from his stool and came to inspect the fuselage, finding several bullet holes and scratch marks. The inhabitants of Port Asza were starting to fight back, he would need to swap places again soon, his anonymity was the priority.  
As a cat that brings a dead bird, the construct released its prey for the night: bodies shaking inside perfectly sealed bags. Drien looked through the translucent fabric, at the terrorized eyes of a child. She'd make for an excellent subject for his investigations. His tiny hands picked the sack and lay it onto the table, where the bandages surrounded the body, starting to inscribe and embalm. Yes, he finally felt like he was getting somewhere.


Since normally the members of the society are here and there, there's not any kind of established hierarchy and any decision that needs to be taken is normally decided democratically, even if tiebreakers and urgent decisions are decided by the antiquity of membership, giving the oldest member the power to decide the final resolution.


Given that the Adelvo are virtually immortal, they see the world around them as a nuisance, a collection of impatient children that can't foresee progress the right way, which are too focused on the present and minor problems like wars and empires toppling each other. This has lead them to be secluded, very hidden from the rest of the world, and usually disconnected from the problems of the mundane people.

Public Agenda

The motivation for each member of the society varies, but generally, their intentions revolve around the pursuit of knowledge and invention, uninterrupted by laws and kingdoms, which they perceive to be a nuisance. This ranges from philosophical observation and study, magic composition, the progression of mechanical disciplines like robotics... 


As the members of the society are from every part of Barenae, there's not a specific place where they can be found. However, their lairs and refuges are usually very well hidden, ranging from being several hundreds of meters underground to existing in parallel dimensions accessible through small portals. 

Technological Level

The Adelvo have free access to all inventions and discoveries performed by any member of The Society, which are normally far more advanced than those of the normal world, being hundreds of years ahead in certain disciplines like robotics and arcanology.


As freedom of cult is respected among the normal inhabitants of Barenae, the Adelvo also pray to many entities, many lost to time and other records. However, they're less likely to be followers of The Redeemers, even if they understand the role these gods play in the totality of Barenae, they've witnessed countless atrocities and inexcusable acts by them and in their name, leading to the creation of an image that, in the best of cases, paints them as a necessary evil.

Death not need be a detriment

Founding Date
743 D.R
Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
The Longest Shadows (Cerenian ancient records) ,The Undeath Conclave (Heryzuean ancient records), Lich Pen Pals (internal joke)
Government System
The Adelvo exchange gifts and obtain new materials through the use of antiquities of great valor and antique currencies, which are highly valued among the richer spheres of Barenae.
Judicial Body
When one member endangers the secrecy of the organization or actively plots to destroy it or the entirety of Barenae, it's up to the members of greater experience to form an emergency council and discuss their intentions and their punishment, if necessary. This punishment normally consists of the expulsion of the member of the order, usually destroying their immortality and life in the process.

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