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High Guild of Magic


  The High Guild of Magic is a guild of mages. These mages come from nearly every realm and race in the world. They control world peace, influence markets, and have every realm catering to their whims because of their control over the Gateways.   The Gateways is a collection of portals all over the world that allow people to travel anywhere in the world in an instant. These portals have become vital and the realms have come to depend on them so much that other means of world travel have never been developed.   Members of the High Guild of Magic take an oath to put the High Guild before homeland, and religion. Being a High Guild member means they can do what they will while maintaining a public face of peace and the betterment of all. This has led to the creation of the Inquisitors who ensure any improprieties never become public. They also see to the punishment of High Guild members who cause such scandals.   The High Guild of Magic has its Council Cathedral within The Grand Archives. Every chapter house has a portal to the Grand Archives.  


  The High Guild of Magic is led by a Council of Magi presided over by the Grand Magus. It is before them that realms settle disputes with words rather than warfare and other such things. Nobles, merchants, and the other guilds do the same, all in hopes of keeping in good favor with the guild so they can use the Gateway.   After the Council of Magi, are the various Councils of Masters. Each of these councils represent an Order of magic of which there are ten. An Order Master presides over a Council of Masters. Each master on the council represents a chapter house of the order within one of the many realms,   Beneath the Order Masters are the Conductors, the mages who actually work the Gateway. They wield great influence with the threat of bringing disagreements before the Council. Bribery and padding their pockets with extra tolls is not uncommon. They do not have a council as they work for the Council of Magi. They are led by the Grand Conductor.   Equal to the Conductors are the Inquisitors who deal with trouble in a quiet, swept under the rug sort of way. These ways can sometimes lead to murder, which most realms ignore because the Gateways are too important. When these things happen and become known, realms feel forced to accept it and even try to cover it up. The inquisitors do not have a council as they also work for the Council of Magi. They are led the Grand Inquisitor.  

The Library

  Beneath the Grand Archives is the actual fantastic library known an The Vaults.

Cover image: Grand Archives by Darkmoon_Art


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