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Mage Order of Kiniswell

In the city of Kiniswell, where the Sun and Moon districts meet, one will find the grand university building. It is within this magnificent structure's gilded halls that one will find the entire wealth of magical knowledge that the Kingdom of Cynia possesses. Its mages work tirelessly to study, examine, and devise new ways to manipulate the Weave of magic that flows throughout the world. It is also from here that the Crystal Lamps are enchanted and distributed.   It is well known amongst the citizens of Kiniswell that the Kinmages are considered above the law in almost all cases. This has led many of the common folk to fear and distrust the mages, often going out of their way to avoid any they may see in the street. Rumours abound in the River district of Kinmages coming in the night to abduct children to experiment on, though nothing can be proven officially.   The Order is also responsible for the education of young nobility. This works doubly in their favour as it secures them more funding, as well as allowing them ample opportunity for discovering any latent magical talent in their students. While there does tend to be favouritism present, particularly when it comes to disciplinary actions, the parents of the attending children can rest assured that their sons and daughters are being well cared for.

Public Agenda

To further the field of magical studies, to broaden their horizons, and to bring the kingdom's magical strength to new heights.


Officially founded some 500 years ago, the Mage Order of Kiniswell began with a few wealthy individuals studying the history of the kingdom. Upon discovering that people living in those lands were once capable of magic, and great feats of magic at that, they dedicated their lives to regaining that lost ability. Quickly gaining support from the nobility and the governing bodies of both their home city and the capital, they grew their organization and had a university erected in which to further their studies.   Throughout their years, the Order has come into contact with the other locals, particularly over claims of mages abusing their powers to harass or threaten those of the lower classes. There were also rumours of the university having experimented on demi-humans and committing various other unsavoury acts behind its doors. Any cases that were brought to the local court were never won, however. Even the more provable cases would result in a lack of repercussions for the mage(s) in question. Eventually, it was officially decided that the members of the mage guild, and the Order itself, were to be exempt of city's laws in order to reduce the workload on the judicial system.   Today, the guild is something of a giant within the city, now having its own internal laws and judicial system. Any and all magic-related crimes are sent to the guild's court for prosecution. This has led to the reduction of mage-related crimes within the city and the number of complaints from the citizens has dropped significantly, though mistrust still stands.

In pursuit of Greatness

Founding Date
815 AS
Guild, Mages
Manufactured Items
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