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Cult of Seven


Supreme Priest is the highest title that can be acquired. He or she controls all parts of the organization. Dream Priest is the second title in the cult. Only two people can acquire this title for the rest of their lives. Rainbow lights is the title of all of the followers of the cult.


Cult of Seven is extremely secretive. Only a few people can enter this organization. Followers of cult don't like any form of contact with outside world. They do this to find new followers or sell Rainbow elixir.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the cult is spreading of Rainbow sleep which will allow people to live forever.


Cult of Seven is one of the wealthiest and most influential religious organization. They have centers in all human countries in Linoria. Many followers of the cult are located at the royal courts. Due to this fact treasury of the Cult is always full with different values. Supreme priest can decide which monarch will rule the country through his or her followers.

Mythology & Lore

The world of Linoria was created by seven gods representing seven colors of rainbow. Red is Unklim. God of rage and fury. Orange is Prong. God of gold and sun and wealth. Yellow is Moriqa. Godess of love and prosperity. Green is Egot. God of nature. Cyan is Froklor. God of sky. Blue and purple representing Nila and Sila. Twins godess first one responsible for all water in Linoria the second one is responsible for death and everlasting dreams. Nowadays, all this gods are resting in the Rainbow grounds sacred place for the cult. All of the followers of the cult tries to reach this place through drinking Rainbow elixir. Formula of this potion is still imperfect so the main goal of all cult members are finding the perfect formula.

Death is a dream!

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Notable Members

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