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The Silent Scream

The Resk Family is a well respected branded family in the clean daylight of public reputation. However, when one looks closer, it is noted that the families industries, investments and business ventures can in no way provide the income to support the opulence seen in all dealings of the Resk Family.   Prior to the Mastiff Pogrom, the Resk Family was known to be close allies and frequent partners with the Mastiff Family in the latter's dealing of all sorts. While not associated with the enforcement activities of the Mastiffs, where Mastiffs gathered, it was sure there would be at least one Resk in attendance.   The Resk Family is named for its animal partner the Cidelian Resk. The resk is a small unassuming snake with a distinctive set of three parallel fangs it uses to inject a strong paralytic toxin into prey. The Cidelian variety of resk is unique in that is possesses a chameleon-like camouflage ability. While a resk's natural prey consists of smaller denizens of the jungle, human deaths attributable to resks in the Cidelian jungle are unknown as its toxin is particularly strong and when larger animals succumb to a resk, scavengers swarm quickly.   As in any society there are particularly abhorrent individuals that require drastic measures to be dealt with. The Mastiffs employed the Resks to incapacitate such individuals until they could be dealt with. It is to be noted that a resk's toxin is not fatal in itself as it primarily affects the somatic nervous system, but if a large dose is administered cardiac and pulmonary functions will cease as the toxin attacks the autonomic nervous system.   With the downfall of the Mastiffs, the Resks quickly receded into hiding, thinking they would be the next family up for obliteration due to their association with the Mastiffs. That was the end of Resk association with enforcement activity. Instead they used their singular talents to begin watching, gathering intelligence and quietly influencing the wealthy that ey would be better off funding the Resk Family then facing a dose of toxin and whatever may follow. This model has kept the family funded and in a positive light in the public eye for decades now.   While Resks rarely resort to truly illegal actions, there is a quiet understanding among local law enforcement agencies that it is better to overlook Resk activity, then to suddenly have a Resk in their ranks as a new recruit.

HIC SUMUS - We are here.

Alternative Names
Mute Agony, Pale Death
Leader Title

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