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The Black Rose

The Black Rose is an organisation that likes to keep its secrets. Not much is known about it as a result, however the influence of the group is far reaching. The group has ties to leaders of towns and settlements, often being able to bribe or outright control the town guard of certain areas, depending on how corrupt the guard are. This allows them to operate without fear of getting in trouble with the law in the off-chance that they are discovered.   The iconography of The Black Rose often uses the two crossed keys usually associated with the goddess of secrets and madness Brigedda. However, it is suspected that the goddess does not take kindly to the actions of this organisation as of late as on more and more occasions the organisation's operations are being discovered and exposed.   The group being discovered is either due to mismanagement, acting too reckless or a curse from Brigedda. Rumour has it that the group has found away to be so secretive in it's higher ranks thay they are even able to hide things from Brigedda herself, which would certainly not please the goddess.    Shadowhounds, servants of the goddess are often found sniffing around areas where the Black rose have been spotted, making commoners think the two are related.


The black rose have infiltrated members of the Mergewater town guard, the town of Deerbrook, certain nobles of Cervilles ans well as many more undiscovered assets.

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