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The Great Dragon Masters

The Great Dragon Masters were founded as a magical organization composed of the greatest wizards of the time and whose main focus was to beat back and destroy the evil dragons and save the world. While initially having moderate success, they eventually fell to the mighty beasts in the end.  
“The sheer magical power of this group is unrivaled! No dragon will be able to stand against us.”
— Temthus, The Transmuter


The Great Dragon Masters are run by a council of eight of the highest ranking archmages. Each archmage has specialized in a different school of magic. No two council members are permitted to have specializations in the same school of magic. Below them are their apprentices who organize, plan, and carry out the archmage's orders. The remaining members of the group are the nonranking students and trainees who have come to learn and defeat the dragons.  
“Alone, we are but as raindrops. Together, we are as the mighty river torrent. And united, we will drown our dragon enemies.”
— Etalbek, The Abjurer


The main belief of this group is to combat the dragon threats by any means necessary, wherever and whenever. The dragon attacks have no borders and neither should their opposition.  
“For over 50 years have I fought dragons. Do you think that I’m going to let a little border marker deter me.”
— Kaddis, The Conjurer

Public Agenda

Their main objective was to try and stem the flow of dragon attacks throughout the world and try to defeat, capture, or kill those rampaging dragons. Various paths were taken toward achieving this goal. One task was to find, train, and recruit new wizards to the fight against the dragons. Another was to fortify and supply help to those cities in the path of the dragons. They also focused on creating many types of magical weapons and items to combat the rising menace.  
“Relax. I’ve enchanted your armor against fire. You have nothing to worry about. Now go get them Reds.”
— Rimon, The Enchanter


The Great Dragon Masters held a key piece of territory at the confluence of two rivers and where the borders of five counties met. Here they built a great tower to protect those traveling on the rivers, fight the dragons, and to further their researches. Their exact wealth, weapons, artifacts, and magical items is not known.  
“Master, we can’t just cross their borders."   "We have built our tower on top of 5 sovereign and adjacent countries. We do what we must. We go where the battle takes us!”
— Molsor, The Invoker


The Great Dragon Masters were founded in the year 400 B.S. by the worlds most powerful wizards. They each felt an unknown pull to come together and stand against the terror and ferocity that the dragons were perpetrating on the populace. They decided to build their tower in the heart of the continent so as to be able to quickly engage all dragon attacks equally. Much to the chagrin of several kingdoms and countries, they chose a central location on the Zirgu Plains, that carved out a piece of each of the territories. The wizards saw this acquisition and everything they did as vital in the fight against the dragons, and did not think that mere political leaders would question what the wizards did if they wanted their help. They were correct and the leaders begrudgingly accepted all that the Great Dragon Masters did.   For 50 years the wizards and their associates beat back the tide of dragons. That is, until one day a particularly ancient, large, and cruel red dragon overthrew his predecessor and organized all of the chromatic dragons. They now focused on separating and hunting down first the weaker apprentices and then the archmages themselves. This divide and conquer approach greatly reduced the wizards overall, individual, and collective magical power. This worked so well that within a few years the neighboring kingdoms and countries abandoned the wizards, who were then isolated and hunted down one by one. Finally in the year 343 B.S. the great red dragon Crudelis, destroyed the tower and the remaining wizards.  
“They can’t fight, what they can’t find.”
— Gorin Gray Gazer, The Illusionist
“Discretion is the better part of valor.”
— Oog, The Seer


In the year 343 B.S. the last of The Great Dragon Masters met their fate. A group of nearly two dozen red dragons led by the enormous Crudelis, descended upon the great tower, toppling it, scattering the broken survivors, and burning them to ash.  
“What smugness, what arrogance! You dare to call yourselves our masters! Just because you can wield a little magic. Fools! WE ARE MAGIC! And we are teeth and claws, scales and muscle, and breath. And you will feel them ALL!”
— Crudelis, at the destruction of the tower.

400 B.S. - 343 B.S.

Education, Magic
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    The Great Dragon Masters:  
  • Etalbek, The Abjurer
  • Rimon, The Enchanter
  • Temthus, The Transmuter
  • Kaddis, The Conjurer
  • Molsor, The Invoker
  • Skella, The Necromancer
  • Gorin Gray Gazer, The Illusionist
  • Oog, The Seer
“You can’t just take our dead.”   “Oh, I’m not taking them. They're going to walk out. Or would you rather be on the front lines instead?”
— Skella, The Necromancer

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