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The Green Knights

The Green Knights are a religious and military order with a very specific purpose. They are charged with protecting Yggdrasil and the Sea of the Tree. The Green Knights are the only known people to live on the island where Yggdrasil is located, and they regularly patrol the Sea of the Tree and dispatch intruders with well-known efficiency.   This order is typically seen as a noble one to the general public with young people from all parts of the world seeking to make a name for themselves by cutting ties and joining the Green Knights. The secluded life appeals to some, but is hard to say what exactly transpires on their base as there are no known deserters of the order and they do not trade or communicate with outsiders.


Knight-Commanders Elder Knight True Knight Squire Acolyte


The Green Knights see themselves as the protectors of Yggdrasil and, by extension, protectors of all the planes. They take their role very seriously and cut ties with all friends and family who are not a part of this order. The Green Knights stay at their base by Yggdrasil or the nearby sea on patrols, but do not venture outside of those areas. They only allow those with permission access to the tree and do not hesitate to execute those who approach the tree without permission.

Public Agenda

The holy charge of the Green Knights is to protect Yggdrasil from any and all who are not allowed access to it.


It is not known exactly what assets they possess, but the Green Knights seem to have a wide arsenal of equipment. From armor and weaponry to ships and magical abilities, the Green Knights seem well equipped.


The Green knights were started originally as a detachment of the Norseland's King's army assigned to protect Yggdrasil after it came under their control during a war lost to history. As they fortified Yggdrasil's island and began this mission of protecting the tree, the soldiers underwent a change. They began to call themselves the Green Knights and no longer recognized the authority of the Norseland's King. Over the centuries, The Green Knights established themselves as a neutral order that is not beholden to anyone's authority. At least no established country's authority.

Duty. Strength. Sacrifice.

Founding Date
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Tree Guards


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