The Dragoncrest Guild


The Dragoncrest Guild is headed by a Gild Master, who serves as the leader of all branches of the organization. The guild Master not only sets down decrees and distributes jobs for the members, but is also the General of the military, Head of Finances, and Overseer of membership and Commerce within the campus.   Below the Guild Master serves the Inner Circle, a collection of veteran or high ranking members who serve as heads of various branches of the guild. These positions range from military commanders, to diplomats, to treasure hunters, to financial overseers, to Burrow Captains. Though the Guild Master oversees all of these branches, the Inner Circle have near autonomy when it comes to running their own operation within their respective branches. They also serve as the Guild Master's Honor Guard in times of conflict.   Below the Inner Circle stands the Court of Seats, the Captains, and Lieutenants of the various branches of the guild that serve directly under the Inner Circle members. The size of this court is ever changing and not fixed, as members earn merits that promote them to the rank of a seat in the court. Earning a seat in the court awards the guild member certain privileges and status, but they do not have autonomy when it comes to their operations within the guild, seeing as they now shoulder the responsibility of communicating orders and decrees from higher up the ladder.

Public Agenda

As an Adventuring Guild, Dragoncrest prides itself on it's record of completing any job tasked to them. They venture into deep dungeons no one would dare, take on the quests that other companies would shy away from. To the populous that surrounds their campus, they act as law enforcement and protections from roaming raiders and other wildlife. Outside their borders, their military serves as mercenaries and men-at-arms for various companies and lords to fill out their ranks.


Dragoncrest is nestled beside the Dragoncrest Falls, an ancient religious sight. Within the campus walls there sits the Citadel, a extraordinarily large structure built and climbing out from the mountainside itself. There also exists the small but thriving Dragoncrest market within the campus walls. goods from the Western coast and from across the sea end up here, not only for the use of patrons and wanderers who stay at the local inns, but the Guild at large as well.   Dragoncrest is also set on top of a number of jewel mines, as well as a number of veins of silver and gold. This discovery led to the guild's early financial success. Below the citadel as well lies a passageway into the Deep roads, the twisting cavernous roads that lead down into the Cavern World as well as the highways used by the High Wardens.   Dragoncrest's most legendary asset is the Trove of the Dragoncrest Falls. A treasure trove, the location of which, only the members of the Inner circle know, and even fewer still know how to access it. Contained inside is every magical item the guild has collected over their time of adventuring. The trove is said to contain items dating as far back as the Second Era.


After a long journey of adventuring with a growing band of comrades, Xetorka Bloodbane pooled his earnings together, along with his party he had come to know as his own family and purchased the plot of land that would one day become the Dragoncrest Guild's campus. From there, they set about building their citadel and continuing to take on adventuring jobs to help build up their funds and notoriety. Before long, the guild began to attract new members from all across the world. The guild then purchased the small town just beyond where they had begun construction on their citadel and began to pump funds into invigorating the town for commercial use. Before too long, housing began to spring up as the citadel completed construction, but did not hold near enough rooms for the swelling of membership to the guild.   After fifteen years of establishment, the guild established the governing body known as the Inner Circle and the Court of Seats as the guild's expansion threatened to overwhelm the quiet peace of the town and now growing campus. Xetorak was elected Guild Master by a unanimous vote, and serves to this day.
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