Alchemist's Guild

The Alchemist's Guild is an international crafting guild of alchemists that is active across the continent of Aisoa. As the holders of the most powerful and widely desired alchemical formulas, they are one of the most powerful organizations on the continent.   Most nations pay the guild in exchange for alchemical creations for their armies, for nobility, or whatever else ails them. Despite the organization frequently playing both sides of a conflict, few nations are willing to make the guild their enemy.   Of all of the creations the guild has created, the most prized is the Elixir of Immortality - a small potion capable of restoring the youth of any who drink it.


Unlike most craftsmen guilds, the Alchemist's Guild follows a rigid hierarchical structure with a single leader at its top. Acting much more like a mages university, there are several leaders below who specialize on a variety of sub-schools. These leaders decide the fate of the guild, who they deal with, and the prices that potions, unguents, and elixirs must be sold at. Members pay a percentage of their profits to the guild, and are often told exactly what they are allowed to sell, and how many. In exchange, the guild may provide new formulae to their members.   Even the most minor of backtown alchemist is usually found by the guild eventually. Member or not, they must abide by the guild's prices, or risk their ire. In the worst cases, this can equate to outright assassinations. Non member alchemists have few benefits for their independence, and numerous dangers.   The leader of the Alchemist's Guild is unknown. It is said they are thousands of years old, and the original inventor of the Elixir of Immortality.


The Alchemist's Guild is highly secretive of their creations, and have been known to use magic artifacts to enforce silence in their members. Though a member may learn new formulae from the guild, they are forbidden from sharing this knowledge. To disobey this is near certain death, and death of those who were told.   Despite these dangers, membership into the guild is a goal of many - it is accompanied by a life of richest beyond all but nobility. The guild protects its own, and alchemists are somewhat less likely to be targeted by criminals despite their wealth.  

Magical Manipulation

The Alchemist's Guild is said to extensively use memory manipulation and enchantment magic to keep their secrets. They purchase Memory Stones at a premium, and employ numerous mages in their ranks. It is common for alchemists working with particularly classified formulae to have multiple layers of enchantments placed on them - alerting higher members of the guild of any instances of sharing information, harming the individual if they do, and tracking individuals.   It is said that the creation of Elixirs of Life is so secretive, that the alchemists who craft it have to relearn the recipe each day. They learn the recipe, and must be capable of producing a perfect batch in one attempt, as their entire memory of the day is erased afterwards. Though these alchemists have forgotten entire months or years of their lives, they live like royalty in their free time.
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