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My general fantasy, sword and sorcery setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, FATE system, and whatever else I end up running!   With this setting, I hope to create a classic sword and sorcery setting that approaches classic fantasy tropes from new angles - embracing their original spirit and updating them to a more modern age of tabletop gaming. I generally run a mix of serious as well as lighthearted content, but the setting remains fairly serious in how its characters act and the history that is set up.   Rather than rigidly focusing on how life truly was in medieval times and translating that to fantasy, I instead am striving to create a more inclusive world with a bit less fantasy racism, and a bit more social dynamics between cultures. Some minor hand waving and modern mannerisms are present to make the setting more relatable to the modern player.   All campaigns I run in this setting get added to the canon as I go - if an area seems way more detailed than another, it's because players played through it, and helped me flesh out the setting.

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  • Map of Aisoa

    The continent of Aisoa and its associated islands.