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The Council of Archmages

The Council of Archmages is an organization that has been around for all of recorded history; and, some suspect, even before that. It is made up of all of the current Archmages, which display absolute mastery over their respective schools of magic. Their authority and power are respected throughout the entire world, and very few dare to challenge them. The Council of Archmages consists of at least 12 Archmages (though discovery of new schools of magic increases this number), and governs magical laws across the entirety of Orya. Their understanding of magic is beyond any other mortal’s, and the laws they set are followed like gospel by most people. With this much power behind their words, they work diligently to ensure any new laws they make are reasonable and justified. To do this, the Archmages currently on the council convene twice a year and discuss any relevant issues they have noticed. This ensures that all incidents are given time to play out properly, unless the matter is urgent; in which case the council convenes as soon as possible and discusses what to do.   Very rarely does the council ever directly involve themselves in matters that haven’t been resolved, but for matters serious enough they will use their magical prowess to intervene. This has happened only three times in history, and each time the stakes were apocalyptic. Each time this has happened, new magical laws were put in place to prevent such events from occurring again.   Breaking the magical laws set by the Council of Archmages is an offense punishable by banishment to another dimension in mild cases, and complete annihilation in severe cases. There is a zero tolerance policy for breaking the magical laws set by the Council of Archmages, and no amount of pardons from the monarchs will be heard.
Guild, Mages

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