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The Roses


All members are called Roses, which are broken up into a few different ranks. After successfully completing a certain number of assignments, each new member is given another alias; the name of a rose to mark their progress within the family.  
  1. Mistress: The leader of the roses. Always a woman who must pledge to uphold the royal name, obey the gods, and defend the Vulsrian people.
  2. Insurgents: Members who meld with day to day people, who are in direct contact with the royal family and deliver messages to and from the Mistress.
  3. Rogues: Members who are tasked with medium priority missions, gathering intelligence and hunting low-risk targets, (monsters, criminals, etc.)
  4. Scouts: Field agents who gather low-risk intelligence, barter, and trade for the benefit of the family.
  5. Keepers: Members who primarily stay within the rose headquarters. Tending to the ledgers, books, alchemy labs, and libraries. Staff who run the infirmary and other daily tasks to help keep the rose HQ running smoothly.

Public Agenda

Although The Roses are a secret organization, they help defend the empire with superior teamwork and support throughout their ranks, starting with the emperor, himself. At his behest, the organization engages in covert operations gathering information, reclaiming lost or stolen artifacts, even carrying out secret executions.


The organization has deep roots and long branches reaching all over the known world, with more than one-hundred operatives, hideouts and local shops and businesses serving as fronts in every country. Each country has a headquarters that houses a fence, market, and a bank with a vault. The main vault is hidden deep inside of their den in Aereth city, and is thought to be filled with bars of gold, silver, and piles of priceless jewels. Also within the den, there are forges that produce legendary weapons, and libraries that hold some of the most ancient texts and scrolls.


Forced to migrate south from the peaks of the mighty Atholas mountains with her twin brother, Juric, after their village was razed by a rival hoarde of barbarians, Empress Aereth formed a family of mercenaries to seek revenge.   After growing in numbers, the family migrated further south hunting a coven of witches, which landed them in Oderia Capital (now Aereth City), where Aereth met and eventually married Emperor Chyleon. After becoming empress, the faction became more organized and spread throughout the country, serving as a secret military force for the crown.   After Empress Aereth's disappearance, the faction restructured, naming themselves "The Roses" in her honor. As roses were her favorite flower. This new faction, with support from Emperor Chyleon and later his son, has maintained power and influence in the underground world. Fighting on the frontlines of secret wars in the name of their empress.

"For Aereth!"

Founding Date
Neria 7, 1540
Military, Special Operations Force
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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