Conservators of the Word and Star

The conservators are a branch of the Church of the Earthstar which were originally tasked with archival duties. However over the years they have also become the principle investigative unit of the church due to the keeping of all official records. They act as arbiters and internal judges for the church and at times externally. Due to their abilities and grants of the church, most will never interfere even if they are doing things wrong. Vengeance from the conservators is considered intense and they are typically just given free rein to do what ever they want.   As much as the conservators seem externally like a monolith, they are a diverse group. Their holdings are extensive within the city state that is the seat of the Earthstar, and their agents are given significant privileges in most civilized nations. The archives have been most helpful in maintaining a good deal of science in the wake of The Plague of Silmora. Their presence in the Continent of Bellflower is generally distrusted as they aided in the forced quarantine of Gorel. They do not operate openly, but still seem to be in contact with the main church, and do indeed operate and are feared even without support from the home branch.


Several divisions exist each with their own directors. Above the directors is the Conservatory Council. The most prominent divisions are The Archives, The Records, The Auditors, The Investigators, and The Castigators. Their negative reputation is most brought on by The Castigators, though the investigators and auditors don't help that view.
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Twilight Wraiths, The Burial Crew, The Catalogers

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