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The Rising Empire

Alright folks, have I got a treat for you tonight! My name is Fox and you are listening to my one of a kind broadcast podcast! As you know, I have this burning Need to get the truth out there to you all! We break down barriers, stereotypes and misconceptions all over the world! Tonight's feature is all about Vampires! Yes, you heard that correctly my friends. Real Live Vampires! Well most hunters already know of these fanged creatures that hunt in the dark and avoid sunlight. But... did you know? There is a group of Vampires that ACTUALLY hunt evil? They don't prey on people to sustain their appetites. No, they live off of blood donated at bloodbanks or clinics designed to collect blood. They actually PAY people to donate. You know, like those plasma donation centers? Similar concept really, just pays a bit better. Similar screening process though. Well enough of me talking... Let me introduce you to the King of this group. His Royal Highness himself, Matthew, King of the Sangue Eterno. Fox- So, Your Eminence, What do you want to say to my fans? The X-Net? Everyone? Matthew- Good Evening, everyone. I am indeed the King of the largest vampire Kingdom in this country. I was informed you like to dispel negative and erroneous ideas and I applaud that. I want to get the word out to all hunters out there that we work with you, not against you. We are a great asset and ally to anyone who fights the denizens of evil. In fact, while you all tend to focus on the supernatural creatures, we work with several law enforcement agencies to take down those who escape justice by technicalities or bribery. Those who are clearly guilty but somehow cannot be brought to justice by legal means. Fox- Wow! Cool! So you are cleaning up the city's human trash. Nice. hmmm so does this alliance with law enforcement mean you can operate under their approval? Even with "unsanctioned missions? Matthew- We do our research and follow up leads and evidence just as they do. They know this and accept our help. Fox- Huh.. Ok So you have never come across an agent who doesn't want your type of help? Matthew- Ah we do. But we have ways to persuade just about anyone. We got you to agree to this interview did we not? Fox(looking surprised)- Wait, What? This was my idea! You are not seriously going to take credit for this are you? Matthew- Take credit? No, of course not. It was all your idea. You are the famous Fox, seeker of truth, are you not? Fox- Yes of course. Where were we? That's right... You were telling us how solidifying this alliance is beneficial to all sides. Matthew- It is. We help keep your cities safer and have political push to ensure our allies operate "under the radar" so to speak. You stop hunting us as we are not monsters of legend. We hunt those too, by the way. Other vampires who do not believe as we do, that life is a precious resource. We help you and you help us. Fox- I see no issues with this... But this is not for me to decide my faithful truthers! What say you? Do you think a formal alliance is good for the hunting community? Humans in general? The world? If this kingdom is as their King claims, I see no downside! Thank you, Your Royal Eminence, for speaking with me tonight. It has been a pleasure. I have so many more questions off line, if you have the time. But, we are out of time for this broadcast. Remember friends, The Truth Is Out There! Seek Truth and Spread it!


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